Morrill City Council 5.20.2019

Submitted by Linda Hill

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on Monday, May 20, with members Brad Stolzenberger, Dan Halstead, Todd Gruber and Kevin Wikle present. Mayor Roger Price presided.

Minutes and vouchers were approved.

Discussed was an individual who claimed they had not received 10 days to abate his violation. After reviewing his violation notice, it was found he had received 10 days. Concerning all tickets that had been issued that had not been complied with, it was decided to turn them over to the city attorney for collection.

No repairs have been made to the old church. The council decided to proceed with condemnation of the property.

Reviewed were building permits. The council approved one permit. Concerning the other permit, it was decided to look at the property where the construction will be to determine if it would be blocking the alley before making a decision.

The clerk presented the price for a renewal update for the computer. The council approved the update.

Concerning voting delegates for KMEA, appointment of Mayor Roger Price as Director 1, Todd Gruber as Director 2, and Kevin Wikle as alternative was decided.

It was decided to ask KRWA for assistance to repair the sewer main over the creek and to replace 80 feet of the pipe.

The clerk mentioned June 3 is the deadline to file for office for the upcoming election.

Superintendent Lee Wymer stated the water hookup at the old bank is almost complete.

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