Beware of scammers

We have been receiving more complaints from scammers calling elderly residents in Brown County and representing themselves as grandchildren who have been involved in an incident and are facing arrest unless $500 was to be sent immediately. Some have had very thick foreign accents. One scammer verbally threatened the elderly citizen if they did not send the money. The scammers seem to know the name of the grandchildren in each case.

Another scam that has been reported multiple times is citizens receiving calls from someone stating they are from the Social Security Administration alerting people that their social security number has been used fraudulently and is on hold. Scammers have told several residents that their checks will be denied unless the resident pay $1,100 to get their social security number reinstated. There are several variations of this scam that are circulating, some even include potential lawsuits as a way to extort money from our citizens.

A newer scam reported is involves citizens receiving calls wanting assistance for medical bills, medicine, or transportation to and from doctors’ offices. Citizens will receive a call, usually in the evening hours wanting to know if they will financially help the caller. As they visit, the caller will try to make the citizen think they are somehow acquainted and live in our area. When the citizen starts asking questions such as “do I know you” or “what is your name,” the caller becomes very threatening and argumentative. We think this is a scam to play on your sympathy to give money or to provide your address or bank info. This is relatively new, so be aware of this circulating.

With every scam, we are advising everyone to just hang up. You cannot rely on your caller ID to provide accurate information. Every day, these scammers are trying to come up with new ways to separate you from your hard earned money. These scammers spend a lot of time researching family and personal information to appear legitimate. If you do not know who is calling you or you are unsure or suspicious, please hang up. Many people across the United States are cheated out of millions of their hard earned dollars by these scammers.

As always, we caution you to never give out any personal information.

John Merchant22 Posts

John Merchant currently serves as Brown County (Kansas) Sheriff.


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