Beliefs versus behavior

“Your true behavior reveals your true beliefs.”

Yikes! I heard that statement from Chip Ingram on a podcast, and I can tell you it made me squirm a little. I squirmed because it makes me realize that:

• I believe in miracles, but I often doubt they will happen.

• I believe that social media is not good use of time, but find myself looking at it often every day.

• I believe that eating healthy and exercising each day is important for a long life, but I sometimes skip my walk and I eat too much.

• I believe that money won’t buy happiness, but I have been tempted to buy a lottery ticket because I dream of what I could buy if I would win.

• I believe that all that I have is not mine, but from God, but I more often than not am stingy or proud.

• I believe that being involved in my community and church is important, but I sometimes put “me” things before doing good and serving others.

• I believe that I “can’t take it with me,” but I struggle with getting rid of all the “it” that I have accumulated over the years.

Ingram went on to ask, “Where do we place our hope?” This question causes us to examine what we worship. I could use the previous list and start asking myself the same questions. Do I worship money, possessions, my job, my grandkids or do I worship the eternal promises?

All in all, I know many of you are like me. You know what you should do and you know what is really important, but it is easy to be lazy and become just an observer.

My Sister’s House just completed their annual “Fun Day in the Park” fundraiser. My Sister’s House is a Christian recovery home for women who need healing and assistance.

Lauri Duran and Cindi Baker are dedicated to their cause, because they believe in it. Their belief in their cause is shown in their behavior.

GSCF would like to encourage you to donate to My Sister’s House at if you did not make it to their event.

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Leslie Scoby is the Vice President of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation Executive Board.


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