Morrill City Council 6.17.19

Submitted by Linda Hill, Morrill City Clerk

The Morrill City Council met on Monday, June 17, with members Brad Stolzenberger, Dan Halstead and Kevin Wikle present and Mayor Roger Price presiding.

Minutes were approved, and vouchers were approved.

After reviewing the old contract with Rural Water District No. 1, the matter was tabled until a new contract has been received.

The council held a 10-minute executive session to discuss Superintendent Lee Wymer’s annual evaluation. Following the executive session, the council voted to increase Wymer’s wages $1 per hour, retroactive back to his hire date.

Wymer stated he has had two contractors look at the sewer main going over the creek, due to the east end of it being elevated. It was decided to get another contractor to look at it before making a decision.

The sewer main between Downing and Racine on Roxanna had been checked by camera and found to be clear.

After reviewing the delinquent account list, it was decided to shut off seven services if payments are not made.

Stolzenberger stated there is a refrigerator and other metals still on the property located next to him that need to be removed. It was decided to not issue the reimbursement check for the demolition until it is completely cleaned up.

The meeting was adjourned.

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