Geo textile fabric saves rock

It’s dry and it’s dusty, hard to believe six months ago, we were wading knee deep to do chores. How quickly we would forget, save for the ruts that the tractor made! We started using Geo-textile fabric in 2007. At that time we were making pads to feed hay on, surroundings for automatic waterers or tire tanks.

Eventually, it was being used for driveways, feed alleys or basically anywhere people wanted a good solid base. The geo textile fabric is said to last 15 years with maintenance. Ideally, you would put the fabric down, being sure to get the ends tucked down. Then you cover with 6-inch rock and then cover with lime screenings. After a few rains, it sets up to be a hardened surface. Even without the screenings, the fabric keeps your rock from sinking!

The fabric comes 12.5 foot wide; a whole roll is over 430 feet long. I can cut off the length you need, or if you prefer to buy a roll I can give you the contact information so you can purchase on your own. The current cost is $1.40 a running foot.

So after haying season, you decide to make some improvements, give me a call and we can visit about the geo textile fabric. If you would like a section cut off, I only need a few days. I have to wait for a calm day to cut it. Otherwise, it makes a giant sail and I could end up in another county!

Tailgate Talk III

Be sure to join us for the Tailgate Talk III. This one is all about water. It will be held on Aug. 7, hosted by Jim Phillips on Highway 16, east of Valley Falls. Will Boyer and Herschel George, water quality specialists, will be on hand to share all of their expertise and equipment.

They will be demonstrating solar pumps, bilge pumps and many other inventions to move water around a pasture. It is a very interesting talk that last year would have continued except that it got dark! This will be Herschel’s last presentation as he will be retiring! We are honored that he has agreed to come to this event.

The evening begins at 5:30 p.m., with a light meal sponsored by the Jefferson County Soil Conservation District. We ask that participants RSVP for meal planning, by phone to 785-863-2212 or by email to [email protected] or [email protected].

Please bring a lawn chair, and if the weather is questionable please call before you haul!

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Jody Holthaus is the Meadowlark Extension District agent in the area of livestock and natural resources.

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