The art of the deal

I have been reading through the Old Testament lately, and I am strongly reminded that the deal that God had with Israel is not the same deal He offers us today.

God made a deal with Israel called covenants. The deal was basically this, behavior results in relationship. If you are good and reflect who I am through obedience, my love and care and blessing will be on you. As I read, the Israelites were not very successful as a whole on fulfilling their part of the deal.

Today, Jesus offers what He calls the New Covenant or new deal. He reverses the old deal, since we cannot ever measure up to it. The New Deal is relationship results in behavior, the very opposite of the old deal. Jesus fulfilled the old deal when He lived the perfect life and then sets up the new deal, because He then sacrifices His perfect life to die for us although He was the only one in history undeserving of it. The great kicker is that He rises from the dead! So He lives now to prove He had and has the power to fulfill His end of the deal.

So for those who trust in Him, He gives us a relationship with God through the forgiveness of our sins. When this is a true reality in our life, our behavior changes. We now reflect Him in His character and priorities. Now, we don’t do this perfectly, and we need to be surrendering our life to Him daily.

But this one thing I know — that my behavior can never get me the relationship that I don’t deserve, but I am SO glad that a relationship with Jesus, through my trust in Him, allows me to live for Him, forever. That’s the deal, the only deal God has made for us today. Take it or leave it. Simple to understand yet still we tend to try to make our own deals with God. Please accept His deal for you today.

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Charlie Robinson serves as pastor of NorthRidge Church in Sabetha.


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