SHS KAY Club members complete book wall to enhance school

These students are involved in the book wall at Sabetha High School. Pictured are FRONT ROW (L-R) Norea Menold, Madison Menold and Sophia Meyer; BACK ROW (L-R) Emily Murchison, Molly Edelman, RheaEtta Laipple, Shayna Strahm, Cheyan Rokey, Sofia Kuenzi, Ainsley Smith and Hannah Whittaker.

Have you seen it yet?

If not, the Sabetha High School KAY Club invites you to visit SHS and check out the newly completed Book Wall! The KAY Book Wall is located on the south concrete wall under the overhang outside the high school library.

Last year, Kristina Castillo, SHS KAY (Kansas Association for Youth) sponsor, saw a similar project in Marysville at the Marysville Public Library. The project in Marysville was completed by an Eagle Scout.

“I brought the project idea back to the KAY Board, and the kids loved it. We started planning right away,” Castillo said.

SHS librarian Pam Walker wanted to create a more meaningful outdoor space in the patio area, and the members of the KAY Club Board agreed.

Walker applied for and received an Appleseed Grant from the USD 113 Foundation. With her grant money, she purchased some new furniture for the library and some outdoor seating for the patio area.

KAY Club received a donation for some of the paint from Sabetha PTO and borrowed brushes and rollers from the SHS Drama Department.

“Edelmans Home Center was really helpful in selecting, ordering and mixing paint,” Castillo said.

Painting of the Book Wall was led by 2019 SHS graduate Norea Menold. Menold, who was in charge of organizing the entire project, knew exactly who would help her.

Before the painting could begin, leaders had to be put in place and the wall needed to be prepped and primed.

Then the books had to be measured and plotted. Menold and junior Cody Meyer met several times to create the book outlines for painting.

Small group Book Wall leaders included Menold, seniors Cheyan Rokey and Shayna Strahm, and juniors Jeanelle Wenger, Hannah Whittaker, Molly Edelman and Sofia Kuenzi.

Each of these small group leaders then handpicked her own team to complete their assigned books.

“I chose my group members because they were really talented and were also responsible enough to do the work,” Menold said.

“My team was made up of individuals who I knew worked well together. They are also all hard workers that I knew I could count on,” Whittaker said.

“I picked people who weren’t necessarily known for their artistic abilities but who cared about the quality and outcome of the wall,” Strahm said.

Most of the workers were KAY Club members, but not all.

RheaEtta Laipple was among those who volunteered to help. She completed the detail work on several books, including The Selection, and she designed and painted the cover of The Lost Hero herself.

After groups were chosen, the club members needed to decide which books to include on the wall.

Books were selected by taking suggestions for book titles from the individuals involved, acquiring a list of books that were popular based on their checkouts in the school library, considering recent movie adaptations, looking for wide variety of genres, and choosing classics and other books students have read or will read as part of an English class at SHS.

The purpose of choosing the books this way was so we could connect to the books and each other, Menold said.

“We selected popular and classic books of many different genres with spine covers we thought we would enjoy painting,” Whittaker said.

“We selected the books by seeing what books represented us as a high school. We also took into consideration the cover designs and the complexity of each book,” Kuenzi said.

When finished, each team leader had a favorite book.

“My favorite book to work on was The Fault in Our Stars,” Rokey said.

“The Princess Bride was a total group effort and just might be my favorite,” Menold said.

“My favorite book to work on was either the fairytale book or The Raven by Poe because these books were very detailed. Overall, they both turned out beautifully!” Kuenzi said.

Once the books themselves were complete, Menold suggested adding quotes from some of the books to the white space above the books because the books have meaningful words, and those words needed to be shared, Menold said.

Menold chose one to two quotes from each book and then narrowed them down to the selected ones. Then she selected different fonts for each quote.

“I wanted the fonts to reflect the quotes chosen and/or the book,” Menold said.

“The quotes really pull everything together,” Whittaker said.

The Book Wall took many hours of dedicated painting, but the group leaders think it was worth every minute.

“I think the Wall adds a nice personal touch to our school, and I am very glad that I got to be a part of it,” Whittaker said.

Even though it was very time consuming, Menold liked being the overall leader of the Book Wall project.

“I needed something to do the last few weeks of school, and the Book Wall helped me to keep my senioritis in check!” Menold said.

“I love how the Book Wall turned out! It really shows the artistic abilities and talent at SHS!” Wenger said.

Small groups included the following: leader Jeanelle Wenger, Kirsten Wenger, Mariah Russell, Rachel Kramer, Megan Brockhoff and Kylie Shelly; leader Norea Menold, Sophia Menold, Chloe Menold, RheaEtta Laipple and Ainsley Smith; leader Sofia Kuenzi, Olivia Meyer, Austyn Wilbar, Deborah Edelman, Sammi Gutknecht, Leah Deckinger and Faith Lachapelle; leader Shayna Strahm, Aubri Gugelman, Ashlyn Menold, Kenzie Meyer, Kari Edelman, Spencer Strahm and Kinley Schuette; leader Molly Edelman, Rachel Kuenzi, Hadley Argabright, Ellen Glynn, Bree Voos, Elissa Dalinghaus, Morgan Schuette, Anna Scott and Kinzey Meyer; leader Cheyan Rokey, Logan Burger, Kate Strahm, Leah Renyer and Casey Williams; leader Hannah Whittaker, Emily Murchison, Gracie Robinson, Audrey Simpson, Moriah Simpson and Ivy Bailey.

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