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Among the Wildflowers

Sienna Clary and Alyssa Dorn are the women behind Wildflower Designs. They create handmade signs, stickers, clothing and logo designs.      

Krista Wasinger

Sienna Clary and Alyssa Dorn — best friends since elementary school — share a love for graphic design, but never planned to start a business together.

Both women are 2016 Sabetha High School graduates and are now working on obtaining their graphic design degrees. Their business, Wildflower Designs, began as an idea at a sleepover more than a year ago.

“We came across some cute blank chalk signs and we thought it would be fun to write a Thanksgiving quote on one, so that is what we did,” Dorn said. “The sign turned out so cute that we got to chatting and thought we could make a business out of it, so that’s what we did!”

They posted a picture of their sign on Facebook and said things “just took off from there.”

The business started with home decor signs, but since then, they have added shirts, hats and logo design.

“Our business makes all sorts of stuff. We are up for any challenge,” Clary said. “We love hearing all your ideas and making them come to life.”

finding the right words

Coming up with a business name was a challenge for them, but they found what they believe is the perfect name. “Wildflower Designs” is a culmination of things that describe the two women.

“We love plants, wildflowers and a good thrift store find,” Clary said.

“We wanted something that described us and what we wanted our business image to be,” Dorn said. “We wanted a vintage, rustic, but fun feel. After thinking of many names that just didn’t feel right, we finally came up with ‘Wildflower Designs,’ and that was a perfect fit for us.”

Being creative is what they both love about the business. Both also enjoy photography, interior design and social media.

“Having this business, we can use all of those outlets of creativity and it’s so much fun,” Dorn said.


To construct their signs, they use common shop tools such as a sander and miter saw. The signs are all hand painted and hand stained. For shirts and hats, they use a Cricut to cut iron-on vinyl and then iron the vinyl to the product.

“Our business mostly consists of custom orders from clients, so we take their idea and design it to fit into the current trend,” Dorn said. “We have such a variety of orders so that’s how our designs and ideas stay fresh.”

Clary said most of the ideas for products come unintentionally.

“At first, we made frames because that is just what we had laying around,” she said. “Another example is when we decided to start selling hats, we had a little scrap piece of iron-on vinyl and a hat that was on clearance, so we were like ‘why not?’”

“We definitely organically grow our product range, it’s not something we force,” Dorn said.

“Both of us have always been creative,” Clary said. “We love coming up with a design that we love as well as our customers love.”

For the young designers, their goal is to continue making signs, but to one day dive deeper into the graphic design side.

“We are both graphic design majors, and we would love to have our own graphic design shop some day,” Clary said.

“We have so much fun with everything we create,” Dorn said. “I wouldn’t say we have a favorite item [that we have made]. We love the fact that we get to help people’s ideas become a reality. The whole process if fun for us — from creating the design of the sign to final product.”

When asked what advice they would give to others who are thinking about starting a business, Clary said, “Let it come naturally.”

“For us, our business idea came to us at a sleepover, it is not something we forced,” Dorn said. “When it comes naturally, the passion will too! When the opportunity does come naturally and fits into place, just go for it! You will figure the logistics out as you go, just make sure you are enjoying what you are investing yourself in!”

“We have done a lot of learning and growing, but we are having so much fun with every part of it,” Clary said.

About Clary

Clary is married to Josh Clary, also a 2016 SHS graduate. She is a senior at Missouri Western, majoring in graphic design.

She is the daughter of Rick and Roxanne Werner of Sabetha.

About Dorn

Dorn is a senior at Washburn University, majoring in graphic design. She is employed at Community National Bank.

She is the daughter of Thomas and Nicole Dorn of Sabetha.

More Information

Follow Wildflower Designs on Facebook @WildflowerDesigns and on Instagram @wildflower_designs_. Contact them at [email protected] or via Facebook for more information or to place a custom order.

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