City hires full-time paramedic

Sabetha City Commission

City hires full-time paramedic

Heather Stewart

Dr. James Longabaugh announced that a full-time paramedic has been hired for the City of Sabetha, during the Sabetha Commission meeting on Monday, Sept. 9. Present for the meeting were Mayor Doug Clark, Commissioners Julie Burenheide, Maridel Wittmer, Nick Aberle and Norm Schmitt, City Administrator Doug Allen and City Clerk Steve Compo. Others present for the meeting were Bob Ruddick, Stan Keim, Jeff Moore and Rob Oom.

Dr. Longbaugh said they hired Tony Bruckner, who currently lives in Dodge City.

“He is ready to start as soon as possible,” Dr. Longabaugh said. “He has great credentials and great experience. He has worked for small services and has worked as a flight paramedic in western Kansas. He teaches EMT and paramedic classes at Dodge City Community College. I don’t think we could have had a more ideal candidate apply and accept the position.”

It was established earlier in the year that Nemaha County would help the City of Sabetha fund this position by paying a portion of the salary and health insurance.

The commissioners voted in favor of establishing the position of the full-time paramedic specialist. See Ordinance 1546 on Page 9A of this week’s Herald. The commissioners also approved a wage resolution for raising the wage of the part-time position of medical director [Dr. Longbaugh] and hiring Tony Bruckner.

Lift Stations

Clark started by saying that the lift station by Keim’s Trucking overflowed last week after Sabetha received three inches of rain in half an hour.

“I went out and looked at it with Stan [Keim] and it’s better than it was a couple of years ago before we did all of the sewer work,” Clark said. “Bill [Shroyer] explained to me that it requires a new pressure line from the lift station to the sewer plant.”

Allen said he would be talking with the engineering company to figure out some options.

“We will talk about the possibility of a new lift station, but maybe just getting a bigger holding basin that would be deeper and wider,” Allen said.

“How big is it now?” Schmitt asked.

“Probably six feet in diameter and probably 15 to 20 feet deep,” Allen said.

Allen reminded the commission that the City has been working on this project for about five years.

“We’ve been doing little things all the time,” he said. “It started out by making sure all the basements sump pumps weren’t flowing into the sewer system, and then we did that $1.3 million sewer line replacement project, so it’s considerably better. We will talk with Schwab Eaton this Thursday to figure out some options.”

Also at the meeting:

The commissioners approved the minutes from the Aug. 26 meeting.

The commissioners approved Ordinance 1545, which states that the usage hours for all municipal owned parks, playgrounds and recreational areas in the City of Sabetha be from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. See full ordinance on Page 9A of this week’s Herald.

The commissioners discussed the four-way stop that is to be added at the intersection of 14th and Oregon Streets. Burenheide suggested they do not install rumble strips and just go ahead with putting up the stops signs at the intersection and flashing lights on the stop sign before the intersection. After discussion, the commission agreed not to install rumble strips.

Also approved was a fire department application for Cole Lehwald.

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