Letter to the Editor: Field of Dreams/Fitness of Dreams

Dear Editor,

One of my favorite movies was “Field of Dreams.” It’s the fictitious story of a farmer in eastern Iowa, who loved baseball and built a baseball diamond in the middle of a cornfield with the premise of “If you build it he will come,” meaning Shoeless Joe Jackson. Now Major League Baseball is going to build a new temporary 8,000 seat stadium at the original site in Dyersville, Iowa, about 200 miles west of Chicago. The Chicago White Sox will play the New York Yankees on Aug. 13, 2020, in that stadium. Yes, “If you build it they will come.” Dave Remmers, long time fitness coach and teacher at Sabetha Middle School also had a dream of Sabetha having a fitness center for 10 or more years. He organized a committee called the Sabetha Health and Wellness five years ago. They met, planned, and raised funds amounting to over three million dollars. The dream of Dave and this committee became a reality when it opened July 1, 2019. This could not have been accomplished without the committee hiring Vern Henricks, Director of the Greater Manhattan Community Foundation as its chief fundraiser. This in turn led to the formation of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation led by Leslie Scoby, Von Lauer, Bill Simpson, Board of Directors, and Ambassadors. Instead of the clique “If you Build It They Will Come” let’s change it to “If You Come They Will Build It,” namely your fitness, body, health, and wellness. There is something for everyone, a gym for basketball, volleyball, pickle ball, three-lane walking track protected by nets, cardio bikes, treadmills, ellipticals, new steps, etc. Also multiple strength machines, free weights, stretching. Two aerobic rooms, one with spin bikes and two heated endless pools, one with underwater treadmill, and one therapy lift chair. Also offered are group exercise classes and personal training. We invite you to visit the facility for an orientation of your personal “Fitness of Dreams” with manager Greta Heiman and staff. The price of membership varies but is probably less than $1 a day. This is a small amount for your health and wellness. Visit the website, sabethawellness.com for additional information.

Marvin Kohlmeier


Sabetha Health & Wellness Committee Member

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