Living life richer

Being constantly on the go allows little time for reflection, long-term planning, and enjoying the present. Choosing how best to live life richer is a personal decision.

For some people, it would mean more time to cultivate meaningful relationships with family and friends. For others, it could be reducing financial concerns, practicing healthful habits that contribute to a longer and more independent lifestyle, or being able to more fully nurture one’s inner self and pursue creative interests.

You may sense that your life is not headed in the direction you desire. To some who are older, it may seem their younger lives were spent making a living, but now are spending their older years trying to regain their health or catch up in other areas.

Are your current eating, physical activity and other health-related habits likely to contribute to a long, healthy life? What benefits would you expect to have from good physical health and financial security, now and long into the future?

What kind of event might occur that would increase your motivation to stick to your resolutions? Would it take a serious illness or accident, extreme financial distress, or the disruption of a valued relationship to trigger change? What would need to change to make your resolutions a reality? Why, and how, could you live life richer by making some lifestyle changes?

Another way to view this is to make a “bucket list.” Write down at least two to three lifetime goals. Achieving goals is more likely if you write them down. What could you do right now to achieve the items on your list?

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Nancy Nelson is the Meadowlark Extension District agent in the areas of family and child development.


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