Governing Body: Morrill City Council

Submitted by Linda Hill

City Clerk

The Morrill City Council met in regular session with members Brad Stolzenberger, Dan Halstead and Todd Gruber present, and Mayor Roger Price presiding.

Minutes and vouchers were approved.

David Frey said he is getting results informing people of potential violations. The Council instructed him to look into a derelict car that was seen.

The Council discussed the water loss, budget and cash balance. It was decided to make the problem a priority. It was decided to contact the city’s auditor to amend the budget increasing the water fund by $20,000.

After more discussion, it was decided to transfer $5,000 from the electric fund to the employee benefits fund.

The Council reviewed a bill that had been submitted for payment. It was decided to not pay the bill.

A notice from the City Attorney had been received stating demolition of the old church could be started. It was decided to get bids.

Concerning utilities at a rental house, it was decided the delinquent bill must be paid in full and the sewer line fixed before the water will be turned on.

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