Minister Speaks: Testing our phrases

“You can trust God.” “Jesus never fails.” “God works all things out for our good.” “God answers prayers.”

These are all sayings most of us grew up with. They are sayings that have not been true, at least the way we have defined them. I can trust God with what? Can I trust Him to answer my prayers? If He answers prayers, then He must love saying “no” to me a lot. If Jesus never fails, why have I felt alone, abandoned and have suffered loss? If God works all things for my good, then why did they die?

Let’s be honest, most of us have felt like God has not answered our prayers, has failed us in our expectations, and we are sometimes not sure that we can trust Him. Now, if we leave the discussion there then we are hopeless.

So, how are we to look at these truths?

The answer is with an eternal perspective that has God getting the glory (attention, worth, honor). My prayers, thoughts and even theology is often centered on me, my desires and what I get out of it. Taking on an eternal perspective says that my trust in Him is centered on Him getting what He wants. An eternal perspective sees that He never fails to keep His promises. An eternal perspective says that the ultimate good is not my health, financial or relational situation, but my becoming like Him and being with Him forever.

I know we can all point out times in our life when we were, or still are, disappointed with God. That is understandable. But please journey deeper, past the self-centered thoughts of our perspective on God, and move toward a faith that trusts His heart even when you can see his hand in things.

Charlie Robinson4 Posts

Charlie Robinson serves as pastor of NorthRidge Church in Sabetha.


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