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For three years, the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation (GSCF) has collected $400,301 during their annual Give to Grow Match Day. That’s a lot of giving!

On Friday, Nov. 29, GSCF will hold its the fourth annual Give to Grow Match Day.

When planning this event, there were many nervous people. Would people give? Would people come out? Would the non-profits benefit by being a part of GSCF?

We wondered the same questions every year after the event started. This year, however, GSCF is setting the bar very high.

There are 46 different charitable organizations to choose from. Everyone can find one or more that you support and believe in.

For those not familiar, a giving day is when generous sponsors come together to host a 24-hour event where organizations and individuals focus on widespread fundraising.

Aside from providing a platform for donations, Give to Grow Match Day offers a lot of free advertising and promotion. To uphold its mission of Giving Today, Growing Tomorrow, GSCF wants the event to be as successful as possible. To do so, GSCF is providing free promotions for all participating organizations.

Giving days also provide your non-profit with a great excuse to ask for money. It’s not annoying or desperate, either, because it’s all part of the larger event — it has context.

Something along the lines of, “Give to Grow Match Day is coming soon! Come visit our booth to help the community unite for a greater cause!” will yield far better results than individual organizations asking for money out of the blue.

People, and especially passionate donors, are very competitive by nature. Give to Grow Match Day encourages a healthy competition among charities. A live leaderboard will rank which organizations are fundraising more than others.

If a donor is passionate about a cause, they’re going to do everything in their power to make sure the organization they care about is at the top of that leaderboard. A donor’s name will be drawn every half hour to give an additional $50 to their favorite charity. There is also a chance for 75 donors to win a GSCF grocery tote bag at the walk-in site, located at 919 Main Street in Sabetha.

This event harnesses all the selfless energy of the community into a cohesive, one-day event. The energy of Give to Grow Match Day is very intense. Donors feel valued, impactful and united with their community as a whole.

At the end of the day, our goal is to promote a community that is generous, engaged and committed to investing in its future. So, whether you have donated many years or just one year, get involved and remember that your charitable contribution is an investment your community will cherish.

Leslie Scoby14 Posts

Leslie Scoby is the Vice President of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation Executive Board.


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