Healthcare sales tax fails in Brown County

Following the much-anticipated canvassing of votes by the Brown County Commission on Monday, Nov. 18, the final result was the same — the half-cent sales tax to support Hiawatha Community Hospital was defeated.

Following election day, the gap was just three votes. After seven mail-in ballots were counted later that week, the gap had narrowed to just two votes.

With the promise of 40 possible provisional votes to be counted during the canvass, the outcome was still unclear. A provisional ballot is recorded when there is some question regarding a voter’s eligibility.

During the canvass, the commissioners counted 30 of 40 provisional ballots. The 10 votes were not counted as a result of no voter registration or no voter identification. Of the 30 that were counted, the tally was 15 in favor of the sales tax and 15 opposed.

With that, the sales tax question was defeated by just two votes, with the final, official tally being 1,283 (49.6 percent) in favor and 1,285 (49.7 percent) opposed.

The sales tax question was approved in the following precincts: Hiawatha City Wards One, Two, Three and Four; Hamlin, Hiawatha Township, Irving, Padonia, and Robinson.

The sales tax question was defeated in the following precincts: Horton City Wards One, Two and Three; Reserve, Mission, Morrill, Powhattan, Walnut, and Washington.

Voter Turnout

Voter turnout for Nemaha County was 17.48 percent, while voter turnout for Brown County was 43.47 percent.

School Boards

Prairie Hills USD No. 113 Board of Education

Position One: Incumbent James A. Scoby was the winner with 624 votes (69.10 percent). Challenger Ken Cannon received 275 votes (30.56 percent).

Position Three: Winner was Kathy Lippert with 540 votes.

Position Five: Winner was Leslie Scoby with 589 votes.

Position Seven: Winner was Kent P. Saylor with 791 votes.

Nemaha Central USD No. 115 Board of Education

Position One: Winner was write-in Steve Bennett.

Position Three: Winner was Amy Huerter with 56 votes.

Position Five: Winner was Jason Hammes with 30 votes.

Position Seven: Winner was Owen R. Zinke with 311 votes.

Hiawatha USD No. 415 Board of Education

Position One: Winner was Jeffrey Brockhoff with 474 votes.

Position Two: Winner was Thomas E. Simmer with 529 votes.

Position Three: Winner was Ian Schuetz with 613 votes.

Position Seven: Winner was Amy J. Kopp with 1,469 votes.

City Councils

City of Sabetha

Commissioner of Parks and Recreation: Winner was Nick Aberle with 282 votes.

Commissioner of Utilities: Winner was Norman Schmitt with 288 votes.

Commissioner of Streets: Winner was Julie Lancaster Burenheide with 279 votes.

City of Bern

Council Members: Winners were Carla Meyer with 23 votes, Nathan Streit with 23 votes, and Timothy Miller with 21 votes.

City of Fairview

Council Members: Winners were filed candidate Charlie Brockhoff with 49 votes; and write-ins Bridget Harvey with three votes and Margaret Wikle with two votes.

City of Morrill

Mayor: Winner was write-in Roger Price with 15 votes.

Council Members: Winners were write-ins Todd Gruber with 20 votes, Kevin Wikle with 19 votes, Brad Stolzenberger with 18 votes, Dan Halstead with 14 votes and Leon Huning with seven votes.

City of Goff

Mayor: Winner was Patricia Dean with 14 votes.

Council Members: Winners were filed candidates Nancy Gosling with 14 votes, Walker Uhl with 11 votes and Barbara Wiggins with 11 votes; and write-ins Rachel Fulkerson and Baron Large.

City of Oneida

Mayor: Winner was write-in Howard Allen.

Council Members: Winners were write-ins Carol Winkler, Kathe Vore, Angelia Steiner, Shawn Branson and Patrick Allen.

City of Wetmore

Mayor: Winner was Robert Carson with 48 votes.

Council Members: Winners were filed candidates Michelle Cochran with 47 votes and Curtis Goodman with 20 votes; and write-ins Jason Claycamp, Dean Osterhaus and Harlan Suther.

City of Seneca

Mayor: Winner was Joe Mitchell with 188 votes.

Treasurer: Winner was Kathy O’Brien with 202 votes.

Council Member, First Ward: Winner was Ray Shinn with 40 votes.

Council Member, Second Ward: Winner was write-in Steve Bennett.

Council Member, Third Ward: Winner was Michael Stallbaumer with 79 votes.

Positions are not set until write-ins accept their nominations. If a write-in winner does not accept a position, the city council or school board on which they sit will select a person to fill the seat.

Extension District

Winners for the Meadowlark Extension District No. 7 were Tresa Jones with 566 votes and Pamela Deters with 567 votes.

Constitutional Amendment

The Constitutional Amendment for the State of Kansas was approved by a margin of 198,180 (60 percent) to 134,348 (40 percent). Locally, the amendment was defeated in Nemaha and Marshall counties, and approved in Brown and Jackson counties.

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Amber Deters is Co-Editor of The Sabetha Herald, where she has been on staff since 2005. She specializes in school board, election and legislative reporting, as well as photography and page and advertising design. Amber is a 2005 Kansas State University graduate with a degree in journalism and mass communications, print journalism sequence. She lives in Sabetha with her husband and three children.


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