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125 Years

Friday, December 7, 1894

Notice: Being unable to finish all work taken at my gallery in Sabetha before leaving, I hereby notify those who have not received their pictures, that same will be mailed to Sabetha within a short time, as I have all unfinished negatives with me. Respectfully. W. A. Powell.

The case of the State vs. W. L. Challis, charged with failing to bury dead hogs, came up for trial again before Justice Campbell last Friday and resulted again in a hung jury. The attorneys were Frank Wells for the State and R. M. Emery for the defendant. The case was continued to December 15. – Seneca Tribune.

We are somewhat surprised to learn that some of our readers in Capioma township thought the list of personal taxes for that township published in these columns last week was something outside of an in addition to the ordinary tax levy. Having published the list for Rock Creek township and Sabetha the previous week and explained in connection therewith, we deemed a reception unnecessary. The list was only the regular personal property list, a continuation of what had been begun in the previous issue.

We hear some complain about the road north on the county line between Berwick and Morrill townships. It is needing some small bridges and culverts. Of course it doesn’t make much difference now, but the fellow who thinks it isn’t going to be muddy any more will get fooled one of these days. We supposed the trustees of Berwick and Morrill townships of the road overseers along the line, are the ones who ought to look after this matter.

100 Years

Thursday, December 4, 1919

Joke that should have been written in the garden season. “Jennie is singing ‘I’m always chasing rainbows.’ Tommy is whistling, “I’m always chasing Bubbles.” I’m going to write a song entitled “ I’m always chasing chickens,” snorted mother as she drove her neighbor’s flock from her tomatoes.

Financial Rex, a Jersey bull whose breeding has no superior in the west is in Sabetha again and ready for service. Call Dr. Ed. lahr, Sabetha phone 86. Financial Rex has been at the noted Waterloo, Iowa, Jersey farm some time, but is now home to stay. 6-1

Simeon Beardsley, who has had charge of the Dawson Reporter for several years, has leased his interest in the same with an option to buy to R. E. Summers of Auburn who has been employed by the Nemaha County Republican. Mr. Beardslet promises to continue in tht newspaper business somewhere in Nebraska.

Mrs. Norman Musselman has had an experiment of an airplane fight and one which few mothers have experienced, as her son was at the wheel. Beachy Musselman flew in company with his mother from Arkansas City, Kas., to a distance of forty miles in one and a half hours. He acknowledges that he was most nervous on this trip of any yet made on account of having his mother as a passenger. Now that Mrs. Musselman has had the thrill she will not hesitate to fly to Falls City with her son to see their old friends and neighbors.

75 Years

Wednesday, December 6, 1944

As the tempo of the Allied winter offensive in Europe and the fighting in the Phillippines increases, this newspaper is called upon more and more often to perform the unhappy task of reporting casualties. As more and more local service men give their sweat and blood, home front responsibilities of buying war bonds, salvaging paper, giving plasma and supporting all war programs should become increasingly felt by civilians. By comparison, their task is light.

George Edward Guilford, Cadet Midshipman, United States Merchant Marine Cadet Corps was awarded the Mariner’s Medal, post-humously November 29. Guilford was lost at sea as a result of enemy action against the SS LaSalle, from which he was reported missing, as were all hands on September 26, 1942. The medal will be presented to his mother, Mrs. Hazel Guilford, Centralia, Kas. Guilford is one of three Kansans who have received the Mariner’s Medal. Another son, William Earl Guilford died in action in the European Theater of Operations September 16, and was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart.

Your task will be a little easier, your gifts will mean a little more, and you’ll save a little, too, if you make your Christmas Selections at Haines.

The Sabetha State Guard will play host to the lightning fast Honey Creek basketball team at the Sabetha High School Gym on Thursday night. Honey Creek with the same five men on their team who played last year has one of the best teams in this section of the country. They have played two games this season losing their opener is an overtime period to a classy Dawson outfit 36 to 27. In the return game last week they defeated Dawson by 15 points. The Sabetha Guard has played only one game losing last week to Oneida 26 to 25.

50 Years

Tuesday, December 9, 1969

Wrestling, a new SHS sport this year, will open this season Thursday, Dec. 11th, against the Marysville Bulldogs at Marysville. Wrestling on the high school and college levels, is an amateur sport that is in one way connected to the professional “rassling” that is displayed on television. The different between amateur wrestling and professional “rassling” can be understood quite simply in these terms. Amateur wrestling is a sport and a contest. Professional is meant solely for the audience and “rassling” is not. It is entertains no more a test of skill between sportsmen than is the make believe rough and tumble fighting in a western movie — in which the good guys also finally win out over the bad guys, after being savagely thrown about and beaten.

Nemaha Valley High School authorities report their new school building, located on the west Edge of Seneca, may be ready for occupancy during the Christmas Holidays. The students have had classes in various Seneca spots since the old Seneca Public High School was condemned three years ago.

An unusually heavy snow fell here Friday and Saturday leaving some two to three inches on the ground. The snow fell gently but was wetter than first winter snows usually are, ideal for snowballs and forts. Temperatures also took a mid-winter dip over the week end and Monday morning the thermometers were around the 18 degree mark.

25 Years

Wednesday, December 7, 1994

As escape attempt by a fugitive wanted in Kansas, Utah and Nebraska was thwarted at the Nemaha County Jail on Friday. Norman Haga, 35, Draper, Utah, was apprehended a second time by Nemaha County Sheriff’s officers at 1:30 p.m. on Dec. 2, when he attempted to escape from the Nemaha County Jail by climbing a fence surrounding the jail’s exercise area. After climbing the fence, Haga climbed onto the roof of the jail where he was spotted by a Nemaha County Courthouse employee, who called the sheriff’s dispatcher. Four sheriff’s officers, armed with service pistols and shotguns, climbed onto the roof and apprehended Haga without incident.

Improvements to properties deemed unfit the city was the focus of action taken by the Sabetha City Commission on Monday. The commission approved a resolution giving Keith Moore, Sabetha, six months in which to begin improvements to a property he owns at 630 Lincoln Street. Moore met with the commission on Monday and was told by Mayor Dave Emert that the city has received numerous complaints about the condition of his property and a house located there. Emert said that the city is preparing to condemn the area.

Kyle Beyer, son of Martin and Karen Beyer, Sabetha, submitted the winning entry in a T-shirt contest in USD 441. Middle School students were asked to design a T-shirt with a positive drug free message. Shirts were printed and will be given to students who successfully complete the Project STAR Drug Education curriculum.

10 Years

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

The artwork of local artist Harvey Wenger will be on display in the Walter Yost Art Gallery on the campus of Highland Community College from Dec. 1 to Dec. 23. The Yost Gallery is open to the public each week day from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wenger’s exhibit, which celebrates everyday social interests and values will include some of his paintings and sculptures. A self-taught artist from Sabetha, Wenger started creating various kinds of art projects in the early 1960s. Most of his work is done using salvaged materials.

Bern students prepare for the Gifts from the Heart store in Bern, which is described as mostly a learning experience for the kids. The money is used to cover expenses of the store, with leftover money going to the FCCLA scholarship and FBLA scholarship.

Photo: Staff members pose for a picture during The Right Stuff 10th anniversary celebration on Wednesday, December 2. Pictured (L-R) are Laurie Wilson, Evelyn Droge, Marilyn Manning and Blake Barrett.

The Kansas Volleyball Association recently announced the 2009 All-State Team Players of the Year and Coaches of the Year selections. Valerie Hecht of Bern was named to the Class 1A All-State second team.

Adults, especially parents, make the biggest impact on the decisions youth make, both good and bad. This month, Nemaha County United 4 Youth and Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) groups are kicking off an eight-week Not in Our House campaign encouraging parents and other adults throughout the county to pledge their adherence to the state’s social hosting law, thereby leading the county’s youth with a positive example. “I’m glad that this is happening, because I know this is a problem we can work to fix with the support of our elders,” said Gabby Bauman, president of Sabetha High School SADD.

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