The courage to love

In his book, “Hidden Christmas,” Timothy Keller writes, “You have heard the phrase in Hark! the Herald Angels Sing — Mild, he lays his glory by.” What does that mean? He did it voluntarily, willingly and lovingly. No one forced him. It wasn’t just a duty. He faced unimaginable pain and death out of love for you.

This caused me to contemplate on the “why” of what we see going on in our community. Why do Trish Lukert and Kim Rettele work so hard to help kids in our community through Kids Kloset? Why does Neighbor-2-Neighbor have a group of volunteers who work behind the scenes to help people? Why does Ruth Shaver volunteer many hours to the Brown County Humane Society?

Why does the staff at the Mary Cotton Library work so hard to make sure our library is meeting the needs of all ages of people? Why do Lauri Duran and Cindi Baker bring in women to My Sister’s House to help them start a new life?

Why is a group of people working hard to put together a Community Celebration Gala to honor people who have given to our community over their many years? Why did the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation start?

It is the same reason that we are celebrating Christmas — love. However, there is a certain amount of courage needed to fulfill the love mission. Keller asks his readers to imagine a mother bear staunchly defending her cubs from danger or a mother defending her children against an overwhelming foe. Where does the courage come from? It comes from love. Why did Jesus have the courage to do what he did for us? Love!

The people who put others first and themselves second, do so out of love. Jesus was able to have the courage to be born and to die for us out of pure and simple love.

GSCF would like to encourage all those in our community to search for their “love.” Look over our list of organizations that need your help, find one you love and then have the courage to get involved. The first step will be the hardest, but every step after will be the most rewarding.

Leslie Scoby15 Posts

Leslie Scoby is the Vice President of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation Executive Board.


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