Bad Luck Chuck!

I’m sure you’ve heard of him. He is the bad luck guy for the Kansas City Chiefs. Every time he is present at a game, they lose. He became famous when he left the game while losing 24-0 only for Kansas City to rally back a win, the likes that had never been seen before. So is this true? No. That is mere superstition.

What do we know of God’s desires with us? We know in 2 Timothy, He says that He desires all of us to be saved and we know that He desires us to have a loving relationship with Him in obedience. But I have observed that many of us live our Christian life based more on superstition than truth.

We may discount lucky socks, rubbing a rabbit foot or some other routine for good luck, but many of our thoughts about our relationship with God are also superstitious. We think if we go to church, have devotions, daily prayers these all amount to staying protected from harm and sickness, maybe even magically adding to some success in life. Some of us think that if we don’t say something out loud or stop ourselves from thinking something, that it won’t happen or the opposite — that speaking only positive will result in positive outcomes. These things are also superstitious.

Now these things are indeed helpful and are good to do. It is helpful to be positive, to go to church, pray and have devotions. But they are not a good luck charm. They are to lead us to the source of life, our relationship with God through Jesus. Our thoughts and speaking should be encouraging, but just because we think it does not mean our thoughts have a power over God’s sovereignty, good or bad.

Let’s make the object of our affection stay on Jesus, not the things that help bring us to Him. Let’s live a life in love with God based on the truth that we know, not on superstitious beliefs that become the end in and of themselves. We love and serve and follow a great God and Savior!

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Charlie Robinson serves as pastor of NorthRidge Church in Sabetha.


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