Memories 2.5.2020

125 Years

Friday, February 8, 1895

The popular agent of the G. I., H. E. Burke, takes exception to statement in this paper last week to the effect that one of their trains was late on account of an old engine. Mr. Burke says they don’t use that kind of engines. The delay referred to was caused by the breaking of a draw-head — an accident liable to occur at any time, and which cannot be foreseen.

A. W. Gracraft has rented the land that is in cultivation on his remaining farm, and will move to town, occupying the house recently vacated by L. H. Baker. He will put in some of his time the coming summer getting some more land under the plow.

It took ten colums in the Seneca Tribune for a local statesman to explain why he was a Republican and for all his talk people are not quite sure what he is after. If any man wants to run for office in Brown county he can display lots more good hard sense by getting to the point in ten lines. — Hiawatha World. You should remember that he was but recently a calamtiy man, and although he has changed his views, it would not be safe to check his diarrhoea too suddenly.

The Hiawatha World threatens to sit down hard on that class of items which tell about a party at which a very enjoyable evening was spent. Therefore in case of a thunderous report and a subsequent trembling of the earth in the direction of Hiawatha, you will know what has happened.

Either the average thermometer is very unreliable or a difference in the exposure makes a big difference in the temperature. Reports of Thursday morning vary from twelve to twenty degrees below zero.

100 Years

Thursday, February 12, 1920

A Bern man asks The Herald for advice as to an investment in an almond farm in California. We are not a financial guide. Please get that straight. We know nothing about almonds, except at times they are wormy, like a good many investments. We have never had any experience with investments over which we have no control. What’s more we never intend to acquire such experience. The Chautauqua lecturer last summer said that a dollar put to work with the promise of a big reward was hazardous employment, the same as the kind of work paying big wages to a laboring man. Of course everybody has forgotten it, so what’s the use. Go to your banker and ask his advice on the matter of investments. That’s what he’s there for. You won’t go far wrong if you take your banker’s advice.

Edward Johnson, the new Metropolitan tenor who has new New York literally by the ears, will sing at Mrs. Hill’s next concert in St. Joe, February 23. Merle Alcock, a noted contralto shares the program with the new tenor. Lazarri was to have sung but is detained in South American and the change was a lucky one, because Johnson is the rage as much as Galli-Curei was when she was discovered four years ago.

The Sabetha baseball team has been reorganized and will be conducted under the auspice of the Sabetha Legion of Honor. Carl Haas was chosen manager at a meeting last Thursday night. The plan is to play Sunday base ball at the Sabetha ball park. Then plan of the boys is to conduct a strictly clean, wholesome sport. They will circulate a petition among the citizens and business men for Sunday baseball under strict censorship. The boys all work during the week. They have learned the value of physical exercise in the army and feel that a sport like baseball will afford desirable relaxation on their day of leisure.

There is talk of Tom Brammer of the Woodlawn neighborhood for sheriff. Tom is a Republican, he is husky and would fill the job of sheriff nicely. You might search the entire county and not find a more fair and square man than Brammer. His nearest neighbors would be the ones to boost for him hardest for sheriff. Charley Garman has served his two terms as sheriff and cannot run again under the law.

75 Years

Wednesday, February 7, 1945

Pfc. Leland A. Dean, grandson of Mrs. Mattie Barnes of Sabetha, has completed his training at parachute school and has won the right to wear the boots and wings of a paratrooper. He is the son of Lillie Barnes Dean, who was accidentally killed when Leland was a baby.

Cpl. Hugh Boring sent Mrs. Boring, who is living in Sabetha, a ripe cocoanut from the Hawaiian Islands, his latest address. Mrs. Boring spent Sunday evening at the home of Mrs. Anna Boring and brought the gift to show Hugh’s brothers Clayton and Norman. — Dawson Herald.

In a letter to his mother, Mrs. P. W. Rokey, dated January 26, received this week Bert Rokey assures her that he was not injured but suffered from a tropical skin disease due to the wet climate and exhaustion. He says he is improving nicely and looking forward to joining his unit.

Eldon Rokey writes his mother that when he received some pop corn from home, he took it to a French family and asked them to pop it for him. They had never seen popcorn before and were amazed when Eldon popped some corn. They liked it better without salt, he said.

50 Years

Thursday, February 12, 1970

Sanborn D. Cook of Sabetha announces this week purchase of the Ray Deaver business building on Main Street, next door east of the Ragan Hy-Klas grocery. Mr. Cook also announced plans to open a new fabric shop in Sabetha in the near future. The building has been used as a storage facility by the Ragan store for several years but has not housed a retail business operation.

Darin Marti, 14-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Gene Marti of Sabetha, suffered a broken arm and a broken finger in a farm accident. Saturday morning. Darin was working on a farm for Roger Aberle when he got tangled up with a grain auger. Both bones in his right arm were broken and one finger bone was also broken. He was sent to Stormont-Vail Hospital in Topeka Monday afternoon, the bones were set Tuesday, and he was able to return to school at noon Wednesday. Darin is the ninth grade at Sabetha Junior High School.

Mr. and Mrs. Neal Sawyer drove to Topeka Saturday afternoon and their granddaughter, Stacy Cook, returned home with her grandparents, to spend the night with them. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Cook arrived Sunday to spend the day. Stacy returned home with her parents.

25 Years

Wednesday, February 8, 1995

Sabetha students will get a head start on specialized career training through a new program the USD 441 board approved Monday night. During the board’s regular meeting, plans were set in place for the district to join the Tech Prep Associate Degree Consortium of Northeast Kansas.

It looks as if vehicle property taxes in Kansas may be cut in half, but it is going to take awhile. Rep. Bruce Larkin, D-Baileyville, said he now believes action will be taken to reduce those taxes this session.

These SMS students were the PRIDE award winners for January. They are Graham Edelman, Sarah Strahm, Celeste Wikle Justin Moravec, Kelly Flentie, Katie Strahm, Jennifer Bailey, Brett Emert, Rita Hartter, Jennifer Nelson, Jennifer Chase and Ben Scoby.

10 Years

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

USD No. 441 Sabetha-Wetmore Superintendent Dennis Stones has been named the 2010 Outstanding Service Award recipient by United School Administrators of Kansas (USAKansas). This award is the highest honor the organization bestows. Stones was recognized by the association and his colleagues during the USAKansas recent annual convention in Wichita. Earlier this year he was named one of five finalists for the Kansas Superintendent of the Year program. He also received the Kansas Association of School Administrators Distinguished Service Award.

The Sabetha City Commission met at 6 p.m. Monday, Feb. 8. The commissioners discussed the possibility of developing a disc golf course in Sabetha. The course cost would be an estimated $2,000, according to City Administrator Doug Allen. He said the commissioners decided to have a nine-hole course developed at the sports complex.

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