Letter to the Editor: Corning council seeks to protect city

Dear Editor,

I am very proud of our Corning City Council and their brave efforts to protect our City. Contrary to what NextEra would like you to believe, the Council is acting as the voice of many in of our community. Over the years, our Council has continually supported the best interests of our city which is obvious with their many accomplishments. They have been progressive and successful which is proven as the City’s valuation has more tripled in the past 15 years. Our community has so much to be proud of! Ironically, on December 18th, 2019, the same day as Corning’s December City Council meeting, NextEra’s attorney presented a six-page letter to Corning’s City Attorney accusing the Mayor, City Council and City Clerk of improprieties and errors, and suggesting these were done with the intent to avoid Kansas Statutes, skirt the law, scheme, and govern in secret. The letter concludes by accusing “…malfeasance of a few individuals who do not represent the community as a whole,” which is far from the truth. The Corning City Council agreed in the spring of 2019 to investigate ways to protect the City due to the impending Soldier Creek Wind Project. In July of 2019, they were devastated to learn, that 54 industrial wind turbines were planned to be placed within three miles of totally surrounding Corning. The City Council began scrambling to protect our community and the improvements we have worked hard to accomplish. State law is written to allow a city to extend its extraterritorial reach to three miles. Therefore, they started the process to hopefully accomplish this. The Mayor, City Council and City Clerk all serve in their City capacities on a very part-time basis as they all have full-time occupations. In their haste, and not having experience with such complex issues, they have made some errors, but I am confident that they never acted in a manner that was ill intended. Quite the opposite is the case as they simply wanted to do what was prudent to protect Corning. NextEra, a multi-billion-dollar corporation and their high paid attorneys in their full-time occupations have attempted to bribe and then to intimidate our city into discontinuing their fight to protect our beautiful town. I am disgusted with NextEra’s intimidation of our small community. Their accusations and threats of litigation are simply bullying tactics.

Dan and Pat Deters


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