Memories 2.12.2020

125 Years

Friday, February 15, 1895

Don’t forget that Dr. Thomas will make you the best set of teeth for $8.00. Remember the date from the 10th to the 20th of each month. Office with Dr. Matthews, Hiawatha, Kansas.

The Democratic leaders in congress are hopeless of accomplishing anything “without the aid of the Republicans,” for improving the financial situation. An open confession is good for the soul, and since the Democratic leaders have discovered and confessed that their party is incompetent to deal with the questions pressing for solution, the only proper course left is for the Democratic government to resign and let the party that has proven itself competent take hold.

The Corning Gazette says it cannot agree with this paper in the administering of a sound kick upon any man who attempts to underrate, ridicule or besmirch the christian character of another, and then calmly proceeds to “lift him one.”

Geo. W. Head has sold his lively stable and business to Walker Young, and possession was given yesterday. We have not learned what Mr. Head intends to do, but should he decide to locate elsewhere it will leave vacant the position of horse editor of this great religious and agricultural journal, which he has held so long. In that event we will receive sealed bids, and award the position to the highest qualified bidder.

100 Years

Thursday, February 19, 1920

There will be a series of Sermons at the Church of God, beginning Thursday night Feb. 19th, and will continue indefinitely. The subject will be The Church of God, What it is and what it is not. The services will be conducted by the evangelist Miss Tressie Foley. These sermons will be of vital interest, something you have never heard before. Miss Foley does not make any raid on any on any denomination but will state plain facts on this subject and prove each point by the scripture.

The flu ban in Sabetha is raised. The flu has dropped almost to zero. Roy Davisson, of Sabetha, has purchased Jones Bros. fine herd boar, Jones’ Col. Jack, and will put him at the head of his herd. Jones Bros. purchased this boar of Fred Seivers giving him $900 for him. His sire is the great Col. Jack and sold in the Seiver sale for $10,200.

Soldier Clipper Mrs. Mickel has done one thing that I really feel like blowing on. Recently she made a purchase of a few handkerchiefs and one find that it took a quarter to buy a former five cent article, she went to the store of cast offs and procured sufficient material to make several handkerchiefs from the tails of my old white shirts.

Sabetha has been made a division point of the Grand Island freight crews between St. Joe and Marysville. The object is to avoid paying freight crews time and a half after they have worked eight hours. They are paid for 100 miles at Sabetha both from Marysville and St. Joe. This will give Sabetha two crews, six men constantly. Later two engineers and two firemen many be added. The men will not move to Sabetha. They simply “lay over” here between runs.

75 Years

Wednesday, February 14, 1945

Sanborn Cook is expected home Thursday from Pensacola, Fla., en route to San Diego, Calif., where he will teach gunnery with new aiming advices. He will have ten days to make the trip including his visit at home. Miss Winifred Cook will join him in St. Louis and come home for at least a part of his visit. Sanborn passed his test in Pensacola and came out one of the ten top graduates.

More Word From Warren Mayer. Mrs. Warren Mayer heard from her husband again last week. He was reported missing in action and later reported a German prisoner. He wrote that he was feeling fine but has lost some of his winter clothing. — Wetmore correspondent.

Lt. Lawrence Sigmund Missing. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Sigmund of Wetmore received a telegram Thursday that stated that their son, 1st Lt. Lawrence M. Sigmund, is missing in action in France since January 20. Sigmund has been overseas since May 1943. He enlisted in the army August 1, 1941. He is a brother of Mrs. Phillip Edelman of Sabetha.

Word From Sgt. Howard Halbert. Sgt. Howard Halbert, son of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Halbert, who was reported missing in action since November 17, sent his parents a post card from a German concentration camp recently. Halbert wrote: Dearest Folks: There is nothing new to write about. Still okay and doing fine. Hope to see you some time when the war is over. Hope this finds you all okay. Love Howard.

50 Years

Thursday, February 19, 1970

Glen Stoller has accepted position of Chairman of the Nemaha County Chapter of the American Red Cross. This position has been vacant for a year which has worked a handicap in carrying out the programs of the Red Cross in this county. Glen will be a welcome asset to the board of the chapter.

An Air Corps serviceman from Forbes Air Base in Topeka was the victim of vandalism, property destruction, and theft after his car stalled just a mile and a half south of town Tuesday. Mr. and Mrs. Marvin T. Pick were on their way to Lincoln, Neb. Tuesday after they had received word of the death of one of Mrs. Pick’s parents.

The annual meeting of the Sabetha Golf Club was held last night. Bill Leman was elected as the new president of the club, replacing Charles Koch who has served in the capacity for the past two years. Elected to the three year terms were Bill Leman, Jack Mock and Elgin Flott. Secretary-treasurer Bob Benson reported that the club’s financial condition was much stronger than a year ago. Membership in 1969 was reported at around 120, it is hoped this can be increased to closer to 150 this year.

25 Years

Wednesday, February 15, 1995

If the last thing you need when you are trying to stop smoking is the stress of someone nagging you to quit, Sabetha Community Hospital may have the program for you. Lewis Taylor, outpatient coordinator at the hospital, offers a “smoking cessation” program as part of the hospital’s community wellness effort.

The county may not be able to provide a free dump day for demolition materials this spring as it has in the past. The Nemaha County Commission discussed the problem at its regular meeting Monday, Feb. 6. County Clerk Anita Heiman said the city of Sabetha requested the commission establish a free dump day at the closed landfill.

Pictured with Governor Bill Graves and State Senator Janice Hardenburger are Derek Holthaus, Seneca, and Trent and Quentin Eilert, Bern, who recently paged for Senator Hardenburger at the State Capitol.

10 Years

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Brock Boldra and Olivia Garrett are crowned as Sabetha High School’s King and Queen of Hearts Friday evening, February 12, when the Sabetha High School Bluejays met the Maur Hill-Mount Academy Ravens on the hardwood, during halftime of the boys’ game. Crownbearers are Cameron Harrell and Kennedy Mitchell.

If you’re in the mood for a laughter-filled evening, Scooters in downtown Sabetha might be the place to be next weekend. Scooters will host a comedy weekend with one show at 8 p.m. each night on Friday and Saturday, Feb. 26 and 27. Comedian Scott White will headline the show, while Darrin White will also be featured. After a successful turnout with the first comedy show offered at Scooters last year, co-owner Scott McGuire said they decided to host another.


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