Minister Speaks: Christian meekness is not weakness

In his sermon on the mount, Jesus says, “Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the Earth.” (Matthew 5:5)

What’s it mean to be meek? What does meekness mean for the Christian? Let’s look at what kind of meekness Jesus desires in his followers.

It doesn’t mean to be a doormat. The word translated as “meek” is the Greek word praus. And praus is a word used to describe a soothing medicine, or a gentle breeze that fills the sails of a sailboat. Not a roaring tempest that blows a ship to little bits, but praus: a steady breeze that can be used for sailing.

Praus. The kind of meekness that Jesus blesses.

It’s also a word that farmers use to describe a colt that’s been broken.

Meekness isn’t weakness. It’s strength under control.

Think of a colt that hasn’t been broken yet – what good is his strength to anyone? But when he’s been broken, that strength is under control, and can be useful in many ways.

Praus. That’s the kind of meekness that Jesus says is blessed. Strength under control.

When we put our gifts and our strength in God’s hands. When we pray humbly, “Come on, God. Do your thing. Use me as you will – and keep me out of your way!”

Shane Spangler5 Posts

Shane Spangler is a native of the Fairview area. He currently serves as pastor of the Fairview United Church of Christ, located at 311 South High Street in Fairview.


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