Abortion should be abolished, not regulated

Dear Editor,

Since life begins at conception, abortion is murder. Consequently, I have never believed that rape and incest are legitimate excuses for abortion, much less all the other reasons typically given (inconvenience, financial hardship, “mental health”, etc.). If a woman is raped, then let the rapist be executed, not the baby. Killing the baby will not un-rape the mother. It will only make her guilty of murder. I have always aligned myself with the Pro-Life movement and accepted their strategies of incrementalism as the only viable option, given the Supreme Court’s obstinance. (Incrementalism seeks to slowly but surely whittle away abortion rights, one regulation at a time.) Recently, however, I have been exposed to a better approach: Abolition. Abortion should be abolished immediately, not regulated. That is the only rational response to murder. To regulate murder is to give tacit legitimacy to it. Think about it this way. If we discovered that daycare staff were killing toddlers with the approval of parents, the only rational thing for the courts to do would be to issue warrants for the arrest of both the staff and the parents. The police would then arrest the murderers. A jury would then render a guilty verdict. That would be a rational world. It would not be rational, however, for everyone to pretend it wasn’t happening or that it wasn’t murder. It would not be rational for the legislature to pass bills regulating how, when, where and under what circumstances the killers could continue their butchery. Yet that is what we have been reduced to doing: the murderers must be licensed; the mothers must have the right reason to kill their babies; the babies must not be able to feel pain; the babies must be killed using the right method, not the wrong method (dismemberment); the killing facilities must be regularly inspected to make sure they are killing in a hygienic way. This is madness! “But that’s all we can do,” some say. “The Supreme Court has spoken.” Does it not seem strange that states can muster up the “moral courage” to defy and nullify federal law when they want to legalize marijuana and sanctuary cities, for example, but somehow can’t find a backbone when it comes to protecting innocent babies from mass murder? Isn’t it time for Kansas to defy Roe v. Wade? Isn’t it time we abolished murder, instead of regulating it?

Curtis Knapp

Rural Seneca


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