Letter to the Editor: If I identify as…

Dear Editor,

If I identify as a member of the Philharmonic Orchestra (though I don’t play any of the instruments), will they object if I pull up a chair and join them on the night of the next concert? If I identify as a sixth grader, can I join the sixth grade football team and compete with the other boys? If I identify as a tree, will the IRS mind if I don’t pay taxes next year? If I identify as the president of the United States, will Mr. Biden mind if I stroll into the oval office and fire off a few executive orders? If I identify as a senior citizen (I’m already identifying), can I get a golden age pass and cheaper hotel rates? If I identify as a member of the military, can I put that on my resume and get military benefits? If I identify as a person of color (I’m as pale as the moon), can I horn in on some of the affirmative action quotas that are granted to people of color? The answer to all these ridiculous and rhetorical questions is obviously, no! If I tried any one of these stunts, I would be unsympathetically shown the door. In most cases, I would be regarded as a joker at best and mentally ill at worst. In the last case, I would be vilified for “cultural appropriation.” But why? If people have the sovereign right to determine their own identities, then why can’t I identify as someone else whenever I feel like it? A better question would be: Why do we allow boys to identify as girls, when they’re clearly not, and vice-versa? Why do people get to live in a fantasy world when it comes to gender, but nowhere else? Why are some children allowed to take puberty blockers and hormone therapy, thus sterilizing them for life? Why are some surgeons allowed to permanently mutilate confused children? Where are the arrest warrants? Children are insecure and easily conditioned to parrot “coolness”, whatever the group decides that is. Why is it okay to de-program children from thinking drugs are cool, but it is the unforgivable sin to say that the emperor has no clothes in regard to “transgenderism?” We should help little girls to rejoice that God made them girls and to enjoy being girls, and likewise with boys. Anything else is child abuse.

Curtis Knapp

Rural Seneca

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