Letter to the Editor: Headstone flower arrangement stolen

Dear Editor,

On Sunday, June 6, when I was at the cemetery I was very disheartened to discover that the saddle flower arrangement I had made to put on the top of my husband’s headstone was gone. With the arrangement on top of the headstone it doesn’t interfere with the lawn moving so it can stay there as long as I want. I am wondering why anyone would want to take it. Was it random or personal? Were they planning to use it? If so it didn’t belong to them. I don’t know if other people have had things taken at the cemetery. I surely am not the only one. I wonder what kind of a person would do that. If the person who took it reads this I hope maybe they will return it. I had the arrangement specially made in memory of my husband and my heart was saddened to see it gone.

Lyla Edelman



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