Letter to the Editor: Reader responds to local doctors’ letter

Dear Editor,

Ivermectin (antiparasitic) – It’s not just “horse de wormer.” You’re being disingenuous at best. Four billion doses for humans, 200 million people alone for river blindness. Recognized by the Nobel Committee in 2015 after 60+ years of use, is on the WHO’s essential medication list and safer than aspirin and penicillin.

No clinical evidence – I guess if you don’t look for it. 70 plus studies/trials that have been done, or are ongoing in larger trials showing a very high success. Some countries have used it as their primary response measure and have faired far better than countries that don’t allow it. Recently, Japan is endorsing and implementing it as well.

Coincidentally, a company called medinCell has been developing injectable ivermectin since march 2020 for a covid treatment. It’s also a Gates financially backed company. This is supposed to be approved and released in April 2022.

HCQ (antiparasitic) – The study Fauci and all the Dr.’s cited alluding HCQ causes harm, had to be retracted because its methodology was ridiculed in the scientific community. However, the narrative was in place. HCQ has been used for a very long time and it’s standard care for travel to other countries. It has also shown a high success in other countries and is on the WHO’s essential medication list. A study back in 2007 called it a “phenomenal prophylactic against coronaviruses.” These are not just random drugs being tried, they are from prior research.

It’s common during any new type of infection or medical issue to try existing drugs for efficacy. Yet, not only are you ignoring the results, you are actively fighting against two of the safest drugs that we could be trying vs a vaccine with devastating side effects. See the VAERS database.

Antibodies – Unavailable for those hospitalized or on oxygen therapy. Although good results, it must be used early. Why are Doctors sending people home with covid or covid symptoms instead of giving antibodies? Doctors are literally rendering this treatment useless with their standard of care.

Until you stop sending people with covid or covid symptoms home without effective treatment, I expect you to stop pontificating. Having a pre-treatment/prophylactic equals no vaccine needed, less admissions and less deaths.

The medical community has lost the trust of a large portion of the community, not just locally, across the nation. There’s a reason, and it’s time we address it.

Ben Glace


Editor’s Note: Due to time constraints, The Sabetha Herald could not verify the accuracy of all of the information presented in this letter.


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