Letter: Why many aren’t getting vaccinated

Dear Editor,

Rational reasons many aren’t getting vaccinated: 1) Moral opposition to vaccines that have any connection whatsoever to aborted fetal tissue in any stage of development/testing. That eliminates Pfizer, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson, the vaccines currently available in the U.S. 2) Have already had Covid-19. Data shows that those who’ve had the virus have broader, longer lasting immunity than those vaccinated. 3) Don’t see the urgency for a virus that 99.9 percent of people under 70 survive. 4) Confidence in many health “experts” has sunk to an all-time low, for several reasons. There are many diseases in this world, but we don’t foment panic about them. We don’t shut businesses and churches, mandate masks, fast-track vaccines, ban critics and scoff at proven re-purposed drugs in order to pressure the public to get vaccines. We have never treated healthy, asymptomatic people like lepers. 5) Discomfort with the way the vaccines were accelerated, shrinking the process from 10 years to one and bypassing the usual safety protocols, just so we could hurry and get vaccinated for what amounts to a media-stoked nervous breakdown. An inconvenient truth is that Dr. Robert Malone, 1989 inventor of mRNA vaccine technology (at least until Wikipedia reconstructed history this summer), is concerned about vaccine fast-tracking with emergency-use authorization. He warns, we have no way of knowing short-term risks of these vaccines, since the Centers for Disease Control isn’t analyzing data on adverse reactions. We also don’t know long-term risks, because it’s a brand new experiment. Is Dr. Malone now “anti-science?” He also believes we should only vaccinate the elderly and those at extreme risk of covid. 6) As voices grow louder, shouting, “You’ve got to get vaccinated,” the more suspicious many become, particularly when facts cannot be invoked to justify the hysteria. And why has there been such little concern for deaths caused by the “cure” – i.e. deaths of despair, canceled cancer screenings, canceled surgeries, etc. If it’s all about “saving lives,” then why don’t these lives count? How about we do what we did not so long ago (2019). How about we go about our lives, knowing (but not stewing about the fact) that we could die any day from any number of causes. In Matthew 6:27, Jesus said, “And who of you by being worried can add a single hour to his life?”

Curtis Knapp

Rural Seneca

Editor’s Note: Due to time constraints, The Sabetha Herald could not verify the accuracy of all of the information presented in this letter.


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