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For the week ending Sept. 12, there were 6.3 days suitable for fieldwork, according to the USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. Topsoil moisture supplies rated 15 percent very short, 30 percent short, 53 percent adequate and 2 percent surplus. Subsoil moisture supplies rated 15 percent very short, 32 percent short, 51 percent adequate and 2 percent surplus.

Field Crops Report: Winter wheat planted was 4 percent, near 2 percent last year and equal to the five-year average.

Corn condition rated 9 percent very poor, 13 percent poor, 25 percent fair, 44 percent good and 9 percent excellent. Corn dented was 89 percent, near 90 percent last year and 88 percent average. Mature was 45 percent, near 46 percent last year and 47 percent average. Harvested was 11 percent, near 7 percent last year and 10 percent average.

Soybean condition rated 6 percent very poor, 8 percent poor, 27 percent fair, 52 percent good and 7 percent excellent. Soybeans setting pods was 92 percent, near 96 percent last year and 95 percent average. Dropping leaves was 20 percent, behind 30 percent last year and equal to average.

Sorghum condition rated 5 percent very poor, 10 percent poor, 29 percent fair, 48 percent good and 8 percent excellent. Sorghum coloring was 79 percent, near 80 percent last year and 76 percent average. Mature was 20 percent, near 16 percent last year and ahead of 14 percent average. Harvested was 1 percent, equal to both last year and average.

Cotton condition rated 2 percent very poor, 7 percent poor, 44 percent fair, 44 percent good and 3 percent excellent. Cotton setting bolls was 96 percent, near 95 percent last year and ahead of 89 percent average. Bolls opening was 38 percent, ahead of 25 percent last year and 22 percent average.

Pasture and Range Report: Pasture and range conditions rated 8 percent very poor, 15 percent poor, 35 percent fair, 40 percent good and 2 percent excellent.

Data for this news release were provided at the county level by USDA Farm Service Agency, KSU Extension Service and other reporters across the State.

To access the National Crop Progress and Condition publication, visit https://usda.library.cornell.edu/concern/publications/8336h188j.

To access Crop Progress and Condition graphical products, visit https://www.nass.usda.gov/Charts_and_Maps/Crop_Progress_&_Condition/2021/index.php.

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