Brown County Sheriff explains protocol and procedures

I would like to inform the public about protocol and procedures that will be effective immediately for the Brown County Jail. This is for the safety and health concerns of…

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Take care of each other

One of my mother’s frequent farewell comments to my family after a visit was, “Take care of each other.” Then she would give us the Mom “look,” which I learned…

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Social distancing, CDC guidelines

“Social distancing” is a term used to describe infection control actions taking by public health officials to stop or slow down the spread of a highly contagious disease. Most recently,…

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Soybean inoculation

Soybeans are extremely adaptable. They wouldn’t be grown here if they weren’t. One of the soybean’s adaptation features is its ability to fix its own nitrogen from the atmosphere via…

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Animals and COVID-19

In the beginning, there were a lot of jokes about the Coronavirus and who is immune, but now it’s no laughing matter. There have been several questions pertaining to COVID-19…

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Minister Speaks: There was no toilet paper in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago, either

Nearly 2,000 years ago, the worst thing that could ever happen, did happen. Jesus, the spotless lamb of God, was crucified. Yet, from the worst thing that could ever happen,…

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Walk Kansas has begun

In the Meadowlark District, we are aligned with the K-State Research and Extension administrative instructions to cancel face-to-face workshops, activities and events into the month of May, to help slow…

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Farm analyst urges producers to follow their business plan

A Kansas State University farm analyst says his phone has been ringing frequently as the state’s farmers and ranchers flood him with questions about the recent drop in commodity markets….

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Letter: Reader will ‘pay it forward’

Dear Editor, I had lunch at the Sabetha Pizza Hut on Monday, March 16. The waitress came back and picked up my bill and told me a gentleman had paid…

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Minister Speaks: Coronavirus, the church and the resurrection

I head over to Facebook, and more than half of my feed is about viruses. I pull up Twitter, and it’s tweet after tweet about the latest statistics, who’s most…

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Give yourself a break

Well, that was a wild week in the stock market. We have not seen fluctuations as drastic as last week since 2008. In fact, every day last week counted as…

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Be wise, shop Sabetha… the city with heart

Soon, we will see the familiar and nostalgic owl sign at the east end of Main Street beckoning people to “Be Wise, Shop Sabetha.” This successful campaign has prompted me…

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Calving season woes

And the beat goes on! This calving season seems to be in slow motion for us. We had a heifer that gave all the classic symptoms of going to calve…

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Paleo vs. Keto: which is better (and healthier)?

Low carb eating is a hot topic right now with all kinds of diets promoting themselves as the “best” and “healthiest” plan to lose weight. There is plenty of evidence…

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Stories tell us God’s love, forgiveness and involvement

Mitsuo Fuchida isn’t a familiar name, but he played a big part in world history, and part in an amazing story of God’s love and grace. Capt. Mitsuo was the…

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