Jesus’ suffering on the cross

Between celebrations. We love to wave our palm branches on Palm Sunday. We love to celebrate the Resurrection of Jesus Christ on Easter Sunday; but… there was an awful lot…

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DASH to a healthy heart eating style

Are you familiar with the DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) Diet? Rather than a short-term “diet,” DASH is a lifetime eating style that supports overall health and wellness. No…

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Fly tags!

Insecticide ear tags can be an excellent tool for managing pests like horn flies and face flies during the summer months. To minimize the chance of pest resistance, you must…

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Soybean seed treatments

According to the 2021 edition of Kansas Soybean Management, seed rots/seedling blights during planting/early emergence result in average soybean yield losses of two and a half bushels per acre. Pythium,…

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Eating for the MIND

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, over five million Americans are living with Alzheimer’s disease (AD), increasing to 16 million in 30 years. The cost of caring for those with Alzheimer’s…

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The kids will be okay

I was asked a question a while back that completely stumped me. After scrambling to formulate a response and coming up with absolutely nothing, the person asked a follow-up question….

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Patience needed to eliminate henbit, chickweed from lawns

If homeowners hoping for a lush green lawn are now starting to see little purple or white flowers in their yard, there’s bad news: there’s not a whole lot you…

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Abortion should be abolished, not regulated

Dear Editor, Since life begins at conception, abortion is murder. Consequently, I have never believed that rape and incest are legitimate excuses for abortion, much less all the other reasons…

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New owners of Sabetha Hardware thank Tony and Alice Nichols

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Coming back home

Did you know that over the past few years, a growing number of Americans have been moving back to the small towns and rural communities they were once encourage to…

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Letter to the Editor: April is Child Abuse Prevention month

Dear Editor, Just as healthy roots help a plant grow strong, positive childhood experiences help a person’s physical and mental health, learning, and social skills flourish. Every child has the…

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Immediate benefits from physical activity

The best activity is the one you will actually do, so try some different ones, find what is enjoyable for you, and stick with it. When you think about physical…

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Home remedies

I’ve been enjoying an online group of farm/ranch women as they struggle through calving season. No matter where they are located, it seems we all have the same sort of…

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Musk thistle season

As a biennial or winter annual species, spring is when we start to see musk thistle plants really start to take off and grow. Because of their growth habit, we…

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Of first importance

You may have heard about, or participated in, some out of the ordinary celebrations this past weekend. Some call it Easter, some call it Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. Would…

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