Bagworms: Is it too late to spray?

By mid-August, most bagworms have finished feeding and retreated into their bags. Insecticides will not penetrate the thick, leathery, silk-lined pouches. To determine whether larvae have finished feeding, examine the…

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Marilyn Leuthold’s family says thank you

The family of Marilyn Leuthold would like to thank everyone for the food, cards and memorials. Thank you to the Sabetha Manor and Sabetha Hospital for taking such great care…

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Thank you! I’m lucky to live in Sabetha

Thanks to good neighbors Craig and Michelle Deaver and Denise Hall, who saw I had fallen on wet grass and offered aid. Also thanks to EMTs, SCH staff, Dr. Wenger…

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Letter to the Editor: Subscriber appreciates staff’s help

Dear Editor, Sabetha Herald has been extremely helpful with an issue that I was having with my paper. Heather was great in listening to my issue and helping me resolve…

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Soybean disease pressure

If they haven’t already, soybeans will soon reach the growth stage that is “decision time” for a fungicide application. Growth stage R3 is known as beginning pod. At this stage,…

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Minister Speaks: ‘You are not alone’

Greetings Northeast Kansas, in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Amen. I hope that when you read this article, each of you are having a wonderful day…

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Still time for salad garden

Plant salad crops such as lettuce, radishes, spinach, turnips, mustard and other greens from mid-August to early September for a fall harvest. Plant slightly deeper than you did in the…

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Letter to the Editor: The Primary Election

Dear Editor, The voters in Nemaha County will have a large list of candidates to vote for during the Primary Election that will take place on August 4th. Be aware…

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Letter to the Editor: Republican Interviews of Candidates

Dear Editor, The Nemaha County Republican Party has interviewed more candidates that are seeking office in Nemaha County for the Commissioner race with all six commissioner candidates interviewed as well…

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Waneta Plattner says thank you

Thank you I want to thank my family and friends who helped make my 80th birthday special. Thank you for the cards, gifts and phone calls. I was truly reminded…

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Letter: Anti-wind energy groups are abusing zoning, private property rights

Dear Editor, Anti-wind energy groups are abusing zoning and recklessly trampling on residents’ private property rights. A similar maneuver was attempted on the State level in 2019, and was defeated…

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Skin in the game

A good friend and advisor often uses the phrase, “skin in the game.” This saying refers to people caring more about achieving a group goal and putting forth more effort…

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Letter to the Editor: Citizens should be concerned about Cooper Nuclear Plant

Dear Editor, Why are the Concerned Citizens of Nemaha County so concerned about baseless health claims associated with wind energy, in relation to the real danger to parts of Nemaha…

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4-H’er shares winning recipe

Faith Bloom’s chocolate chiffon cake entry was designated the Champion Cake at the 2020 Jackson County Fair. Faith is a Soldier Boosters 4-H Club member and the daughter of Corey…

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Circumstances that rattle our cage

Coronavirus, social unrest, what to do about church services, my sister Ruth suffering and dying. I also have been blessed to do a couple of weddings and see the hope…

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