Never too late: eating right is good at any age

The recently released Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2020-2025, provides direction for living healthy through all life stages, birth through adulthood. Karen Blakeslee, food safety specialist, K-State Research and Extension, said…

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Sheriff informs public of scams

I would like to inform everyone of ongoing scams circulating Brown County. I have had many reports from residents stating they have been contacted by someone posing as someone from…

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We will all be healed

Once again, we are in the season of Lent – when we walk the 40-day journey with Jesus in the desert, which will culminate with his death on the Cross,…

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Telling stories

Fans of the Kansas City Chiefs were disappointed this year with both the game and the commercials. Years ago, the commercials told great stories and often would tug at our…

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Sulfur management in brome

Last week, I shared information on sulfur research for corn – but it isn’t the only crop that will respond to applications of this “fourth major nutrient.” For producers managing…

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Easy meals for two or just for you

Do you feel like it just isn’t worth the time it takes to prepare a meal for only one or two people? Do you find yourself settling for less healthy…

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K-State, industry experts outline criteria for buying bulls

For cattle producers, bull sale season has arrived. Prospective buyers are flipping through the sale catalogs and studying the pedigree information, performance data and bull pictures trying to determine where…

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Ordinary is extraoridnary

There’s something really tough about growing wealth. It’s that life isn’t lived on a spreadsheet. I can easily demonstrate to you that it does not take great feats to achieve…

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District accreditation

In education, accreditation is the process by which schools are recognized as having achieved established standards. For USD 113, maintaining our accreditation is extremely important. This is the standard that…

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Reusable shopping bags

You’re using reusable shopping bags – yay. Good for the earth! Did you know that bacteria, yeast and mold can grow on your bags? And that those unwelcome growths can…

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Feed the birds!

There are many kinds of seeds and feeders, and the choice may seem overwhelming at times. Different species of birds prefer different types of seeds and feeders, and all birds…

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Conducting a prescribed burn

As you read this, we will likely be on day seven or beyond of this cold snap. Snow isn’t melting, and spring forage management might be the last thing on…

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Making leftovers planned-overs

Using leftovers is a great way to minimize food waste and save time. They can be a great snack, next day lunch or even be used to make a quick…

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How to be an effective hearer

No one likes to be sick. So, during these times it becomes imperative to listen to all the doctor has to say to overcome the illness and return to normal…

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K-State Cattlemen’s Day moves to online format

The annual event is set for Friday, March 5. The 108th annual Kansas State University Cattlemen’s Day will move to an online format, due to COVID-19 restrictions on the Manhattan…

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