The golden era, Part 1

My generation is lucky. When it comes to purchasing one of the biggest assets on most households’ balance sheets, we have a huge advantage. Prior generations would have loved to…

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Simple fitness habit you’re not doing

Start the new year off with this easy yet effective fitness habit, something that I can almost guarantee you’re not doing. By making this small change to your daily routine…

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Make a map for your wellness this season

The end of another year and the beginning of the new often goes by in a blur because of all we have to do in this season. I am the…

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Grazing plans

I always hesitate a little when questioned about stocking rates. Sure, we’ve got averages, but it’s a little more difficult to make a good recommendation on a rate without knowing…

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Helping youth thrive

A Kansas Youth Tobacco Use fact sheet is available from the Kansas Department of Health and Environment and has recently been updated for 2020. The data reflects that nearly one…

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Minister Speaks: Run your race to win

In 1972, Richard K. Avery and Donald S. Marsh wrote a hymn entitled “We are the Church,” whose words are powerful and uniting Christians of all horizons. The authors emphasize…

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January is National Radon Action Month

Kansas is fortunate to have the scenic countryside, a relatively low cost of living, and produces a valuable part of our food supply. On the down side, there’s a decent…

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Look for changes in retirement plans

It might not have made the headlines, but a recently passed piece of legislation could affect the IRAs and 401(k)s of millions of Americans beginning in 2020. So, if you…

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Effect of late planting dates on corn yield

The year 2019 didn’t provide ideal planting conditions for many producers, pushing planting dates later into the ideal planting window than we typically like. The results were a mixed bag….

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Christmas memories!

The older you get, the more you think back on your childhood Christmas memories. I think mine was the year I got my pony. I was quite the horse crazy…

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Minister Speaks: Did you miss Christmas?

Now that we’re past the traditional Christmas season and you might even have all your decorations put away, this might be a good time to ask – is it possible…

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Gold: Bah! Humbug!

Ebenezer Scrooge’s famous catchphrase nicely sums up my enthusiasm for gold as an investment. Bah! Humbug! I have heard every argument peddled by those who favor the yellow metal. None,…

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State of USD 113

As we begin calendar year 2020, this is an ideal time to examine the state of our school district. The administration and board of education have worked diligently to provide…

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Are you sure your dinner is healthy?

This is your year to finally lose the weight and get fit…and it all starts with dinner. You may be exercising hard, getting plenty of sleep and staying diligent in…

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The courage to love

In his book, “Hidden Christmas,” Timothy Keller writes, “You have heard the phrase in Hark! the Herald Angels Sing — Mild, he lays his glory by.” What does that mean?…

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