Abortion should be abolished, not regulated

Dear Editor, Since life begins at conception, abortion is murder. Consequently, I have never believed that rape and incest are legitimate excuses for abortion, much less all the other reasons…

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Letter to the Editor: April is Child Abuse Prevention month

Dear Editor, Just as healthy roots help a plant grow strong, positive childhood experiences help a person’s physical and mental health, learning, and social skills flourish. Every child has the…

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Letter to the Editor: Baileyville Benefit recipients sought

Dear Editor, The Baileyville Benefit Committee started making plans for their yearly event with hopes that 2021 would be bigger and better than ever. The committee, with the help of…

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Letter to the Editor: Set minimum wage is wrong, unconstitutional

Dear Editor, I believe it is wrong and, probably unconstitutional, for the government to set a minimum wage. If I offer my time to someone for $1 per hour, why…

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Letter: Reader sad to hear city lifted mask mandate

Dear Editor, I am so sad to read the Sabetha Town Commissioners have rescinded the mask mandate. Why is wearing a mask so difficult, when families are losing loved ones?…

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Letter: Reader appreciates reading hometown paper

Dear Editor, I always enjoy receiving The Herald and catching up on the news in and around our favorite hometown. I was glad to read the City had mandated masks…

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Letter: A case for gaming

Dear Editor, Playing video games has been a popular past time since its humble beginnings in 1958. Through many years, gaming has evolved into what it is today, yet it…

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Letter: Freedom of speech 101

Dear Editor, Of all the rights given to Americans by our Foundational Documents, freedom of speech may be the most cherished. Along the with other First Amendment rights, the right…

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Letter: Reader appreciates Minister Speaks columns

Dear Editor, I appreciate the local ministers for their weekly words pointing our community to The Word in the Minister Speaks column. For weeks, I have been discouraged by the…

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Letter: Police Chief reminds residents of Main Street parking

Dear Editor, I wanted to issue a reminder to residents living downtown to not park on Main Street when snow or ice accumulation is expected, as city crews will be…

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Letter: Quit nitpicking, wear the mask, heed medical opinion

Dear Editor, I might qualify myself in as much as Dr. Gregg and Melinda Wenger are lifelong friends for whom I care deeply. Randy Garber is a good friend of…

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Letter: Mask mandates, masks’ negative side effects, tyrannical mask fines, and freedom!

Dear Editor, Covid-19 is a real virus posing real danger, especially for those over 70 with co-morbidity issues. Those who want to socially distance and wear masks can do so….

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Letter: It’s difficult to know what we don’t know

Dear Editor, Barbara Lukert, M.D. quotes a wise man saying, “[t]here’s an important kind of wisdom in knowing what you don’t know” in her letter to the Editor in the…

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Letter: In support of Dr. Gregg Wenger, science

Dear Editor, To begin, I should admit I am Dr. Gregg Wenger’s niece. However, I am writing this letter in support of science as much as in support of my…

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Letter: Controversies raised in Randy Garber’s letter

Dear Editor, I am responding to the letter to the editor which was submitted and paid for by Mr. Randy Garber in the Dec. 16, 2020 Sabetha Herald. I wish…

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