Letter to the Editor: Who are we?

Dear Editor, I’m disappointed that so many Americans have become so easily influenced by conspiracy theories, partial truths and lies. Take for example “Fake News.” One man uses his power…

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Letter: Home

Dear Editor, Most of us have spent a lot of time at home this year as a result of the lockdown, working/going to school remotely, or being under quarantine. If…

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Letter to the Editor: Expand home health

Dear Editor: Older Americans across the country depend on the delivery of quality healthcare in their homes, which has become increasingly important, especially during the COVID-19 public health emergency. Home…

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Letter: False claims

Dear Editor, The American Medical Association, without naming the President, condemned claims that physicians inflate the number of Covid-19 patients they treat — calling such rumors “malicious, outrageous, and completely…

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Letter: More than ever, This Election Matters

Dear Editor, America is now nearing the end of this election cycle with the voting to be completed on November 3rd, but this will not be the end of the…

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Letter: Vote for County Commissioners Tim Burdiek (write-in, District 2 and Dennis Henry

Dear Editor, Before this year, I had never attended a City Council or County Commission meeting, or met our County Commissioners. In the fall of 2019, something caused all that…

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Letter to the Editor: Dear Postal Customer

Dear Editor, Along with its beauty, winter weather brings challenges and safety hazards. To avoid interruptions in daily mail delivery service, we are asking for your assistance. Please: Keep steps…

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Letter: Barbara Bollier is far from Right

Barbara Bollier has sold herself as a moderate Democrat candidate that will be an independent voice for Kansas and America. Nothing could be further from the truth. Barbara Bollier is…

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Letter: President Trump has shown steady leadership during COVID pandemic

Dear Editor, I’m going to speak about the documented truth of President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic around the world. The president has shown steady leadership during this…

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Letter: Customer appreciates Herald Staff

Dear Editor, I appreciate two of your employees who helped me out yesterday, Oct. 15. They were so patient, nice and accommodating. I think that an employer with employees like…

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Letter to the Editor: It’s easy for me

You know what’s hard, turning off life-support to my mother who lost her battle with complications of West-Nile virus after a year and a half in a hospital bed, that…

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Letter to the Editor: The sanctity of life

Dear Editor, An issue that has been on my mind recently and in my heart has been the Sanctity of Life, specifically abortion. For many years, I thought I was…

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Letter to the Editor: Cases on the rise in Nemaha County

Cases on the rise in Nemaha County Dear Editor, Nemaha County — we need to have a heart to heart talk. Our recent COVID-19 cases are increasing at a rate…

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The Constitution has higher authority

Dear Editor, What has higher authority, the Constitution or an elected official who swears to uphold and defend the Constitution? The question answers itself. The Constitution has higher authority. It…

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Letter to the Editor: Support Senator Dennis Pyle

Dear Editor, I would like to address the attack on State Senator Dennis Pyle in last week’s paper. Senator Pyle is running for his fifth term to the Kansas Senate…

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