Understanding adverse childhood experiences

More than three out of five youth in the United States will experience at least one adverse event during their childhood, according to a landmark study conducted by Kaiser Permanente…

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Class of 2020: cherish – believe – grow

The SHS class of 2020 chose for their class motto, “Cherish the memories – Believe in the future – Grow from the hardships – Always be a Bluejay at heart.”…

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July preparation

I feel fortunate to be living in a state where the Department of Education is taking an active role in proving recommendations to school districts in preparation for the upcoming…

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Letter to the Editor: Sheriff Merchant appreciates kind letter

Dear Editor, I received that following letter in the mail today. I would like the young person who wrote it to know just how much all of us in law…

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Minister Speaks: Living in community

No matter how you slice it, living in community can be tough. And the reason for that is simple. It is easier to be selfish than selfless. At least that…

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Is working worth the benefit?

In meeting with someone recently, they asked a wonderful question, “Is working worth the benefit?” The benefit they were describing was Social Security. In essence, they were questioning whether they…

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In the garden: tips for July

The beginning of the heat has officially arrived. With summer’s onslaught, we can usually expect temperatures to soar into the 90s and 100s. Gardeners hardly want to go out into…

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New spam concerns

I would like to inform county residents of a new financial concern circulating the area via e-mail. Several county residents have made the Brown County Sheriff’s Office aware that they…

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The role of disinfectants

We’ve been hearing a lot about disinfectants lately. Wipes and sprays are in high demand and frequently recommended for protecting us from illnesses like the novel coronavirus. The American Cleaning…

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Flies of summer

The flies of summer. I’ve been battling flies ever since we raised hogs. I cannot go to bed at night if there is a fly in the house – perhaps…

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Managing fungicides to combat resistance

As summer field crops continue to develop, disease management becomes a greater concern. Southern rust was reported in corn just last week in northeast Louisiana. Does that mean it’s imminent?…

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Spending less — getting more with frugal foods

During the coronavirus pandemic, it has become even more important to find ways to get the most for your grocery dollars. Building meals based around the most low-cost, health-promoting foods…

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Strawberry bed renewal

Next year’s strawberry crop will be affected by what you do to this year’s strawberry bed. The sooner after harvest the patch is cleaned up, fertilized and irrigated, if possible,…

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Minister Speaks: Race, family, prayer

Our country is in turmoil. The name George Floyd has become a household name. Authority has been abused. Power has been grabbed at. Lives have been destroyed. Livelihoods have been…

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Betty and Dale Aue say thanks

Thank you! Thanks to God for the joy and celebration of 70 years of marriage on May 28th. Because of the COVID-19 virus, we had to cancel our open house…

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