Memories 1.15.2020

125 Years Friday, January 18, 1895 We have taken the trouble to inquire, and find that the Mrs. E. Gassett who has been getting a quarterly allowance from the county…

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Memories 1.8.2020

125 Years Friday, January 11, 1895 Our theologically inclined contemporary at the county seat does not seem to take kindly to the candidacy of Rev. M. L. Everett for chaplain…

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Memories 12.25.2019

125 Years Friday, December 28, 1894 We’re too busy to write much of an ad, this week, but the goods. We’re selling them as cheap as ever. Come in and…

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Memories 1.1.19

125 Years Friday, January 4, 1895 I can’t understand why people complain of hard times, when any woman or man can make from $5 to $10 a day easily. All…

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Memories 12.18.2019

125 Years Friday, December 21, 1894 There has been considerable sickness among the children the past week. principally due to colds. So far as we have heard there are no…

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Memories 12.11.2019

125 Years Friday, December 14, 1894 Mathias Strahm, who lives northwest of Berwick, lost his barn by fire last Wednesday night, losing three horses, a lot of wheat, farming tools,…

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Memories 12.4.2019

125 Years Friday, December 7, 1894 Notice: Being unable to finish all work taken at my gallery in Sabetha before leaving, I hereby notify those who have not received their…

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Memories 11.27.2019

125 Years Friday, November 30, 1894 The school children were given from Wednesday evening till Monday morning to eat their Thanksgiving dinners and recover from the effects. Mrs. J. P….

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Photos from Yesteryear: Scenes from Sabetha’s past

This photo was taken in the early 1950s of the northeast corner of Sabetha’s Eighth and Main Streets where the Firestone Tire Company store once stood before Wenger Manufacturing purchased... Read More

Memories 11.20.2019

125 Years Friday, November 23, 1894 Frank Jinks of this place will remove to Sabetha this week, where he will engage in the blacksmithing business, is having secured an interest…

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Memories 11.13.2019

125 Years Friday, November 16, 1894 The Shaker medicine and concert company will be at the Opera house next week, giving a series of refined entertainments. They are at present…

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Memories 11.6.2019

125 Years Friday, November 9, 1894 W. P. King of St. Joseph, who is getting up an illustrated book advertising the towns along the Grand Island railroad, has been in…

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Photos from Yesteryear: Costumes were a part of Sabetha’s Fall Festival Parade

These two costumed people are a part of Sabetha’s Fall Festival parade in 1915. These two costumed people are a part of Sabetha’s Fall Festival parade in 1915. Read More

Memories: 10.30.2019

125 Years Friday, November 2, 1894 The people of Sabetha could not stand the pressure of my closing out quit sign, so they had jolly boys o’ Hallowe’en night to…

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Memories 10.17.2019

125 Years Friday, October 26, 1894 Didn’t Know it was Loaded. We have just learned of an accident which happened to Geo. Carpenter two weeks ago, who has since been…

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