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Sabetha Middle School Wrestling 11.17.2020

SHS State Cross Country 10.31.2020

SHS 3A State Volleyball 10.31.2020

SHS Football vs. Hayden 10.30.2020

SHS State Volleyball Quarterfinals 10.27.2020

SHS Volleyball vs. St. Marys at Sub-State 10.24.2020

Sabetha Cross Country Regionals 10.24.2020

SMS 8th Grade Girls Basketball vs. Jeff West 10.22.2020

SMS 7th Grade Girls Basketball vs. Jeff West 10.22.2020

SHS Volleyball Tournament 10.17.2020

SMS 7th Grade Football vs. Atchison

SHS Tennis Regionals 10.09.2020

Wetmore Cross Country 10.8.2020

SHS Cross Country 10.8.2020

SMS 8th Football vs. Cyclones 10.01.2020

SHS Freshman Football vs. Holton 09.28.2020

SMS 8th Volleyball vs. Nemaha Central 9.28.2020

SMS 7th Volleyball vs. Nemaha Central 9.28.2020

SHS Volleyball vs. Nemaha Central 9.22.2020

SHS Freshman Volleyball 9.22.2020

SHS JV Football vs. Nemaha Central 9.21.2020

SHS Tennis 9.21.2020

SHS Cross Country 9.17.2020

2020 Homecoming Football vs Riverside

SHS Varsity Tennis 09.10.2020

SHS Football vs. Chapman 9.4.2020

SHS Varsity Volleyball 9.1.2020

SHS JV Volleyball vs. Riverside 9.1.2020

Area youth baseball, T-ball and softball teams conclude seasons

Members of the Purple T-ball team are (L-R) Coach Jason Rose, Elena Keim, Ellie Otto, Olivia Ross, Finley Rose, Eve Georg, Sloane Davis, Frankie Yoder, Emery Hulsing, Raeleen Colley, Annalee...

Sabetha Bravos 7.21.2020

Sabetha Raptors 7.15.2020

Sabetha Bravos vs. Baldwin City Blues 7.14.2020

Sabetha Bravos vs. Topeka Golden Giants 7.7.2020

Sabetha Raptors 7.2.2020

Sabetha Bravos 6.29.2020

William Aguilar tags this Kansas City Monarchs runner

Sabetha Bravos 6.27.2020

Swim Team 6.27.2020

Sabetha Raptors vs. Hiawatha 6.24.2020

Sabetha Bravos 6.18.2020

Sabetha Raptors vs. Auburn 6.17.2020

Jr. Legion Sabetha Baumans vs. Sabetha Garretts 6.8.2020

SHS Girls’ Sub State Basketball vs. Nemaha Central 3.7.2020

SHS Girls’ Sub-State Basketball vs. KC Bishop Ward 3.6.2020

SHS Girls’ Sub-State Basketball 3.3.2020

SHS Boys’ Sub-State Basketball 3.2.2020

SHS Boys’ Wrestling State 2.28.2020-2.29.2020

SHS Girls’ Wrestling State 2.27.2020

SHS Girls’ Wrestling State Meet – February 27, 2020

SHS Regional Wrestling 2.22.2020

SHS Wrestling 2.21.202

SHS Boys’ Basketball 2.18.2020

SHS Girls’ Regional Wrestling 2.15.2020

SHS Girls’ Regional Wrestling

SHS Girls’ Basketball versus Hiawatha 2.11.2020

SMS Boys’ Basketball 2.6.20

Sabetha Middle School Boys’ Basketball vs. Royal Valley Seventh Grade & Eighth Grade Thursday, February 6, 2020

SHS Boys’ Basketball 2.4.2020

SHS Wrestling 1.30.2020

SHS Wrestling 1.21.20

Sabetha High School Wrestling Tuesday, January 21, 2020  

SHS Varsity Boys’ Basketball vs. Nemaha Central 1.14.2020

SES Cheer Camp 1.14.2020

SHS Varsity Girls’ Basketball vs. Nemaha Central 1.14.2020

SHS Freshman Boys’ Basketball vs. Nemaha Central 1.14.2020

SHS Freshman Girls’ Basketball versus Nemaha Central 1.14.2020

SHS JV Girls’ Basketball vs. N.C. 1.14.2020

Sophomore Emily Krebs, left, and junior Nicole Stallbaumer, right, play offensively against Nemaha Central at the JV girls’ basketball game Tuesday, January 14. Sophomore Rachel Wertenberger searches for an opening...

SHS JV Boys’ Basketball vs. N.C. 1.14.2020

Sophomore Jalen Worthley protects the ball from Nemaha Central opponents attempting to steal at the JV boys’ basketball game Tuesday, January 14. Junior Cooper Bradbury leaps for a score against...

SHS Girls’ Basketball vs. Holton 12.20.2019

SHS Wrestling 12.17.2019

SHS Wrestling 12.14.2019

SHS Wrestling Dual Tournament Saturday, December 14, 2019

SHS Boys Basketball 12.10.2019

SHS Girls’ Basketball 12.10.2019

SMS Wrestling 11.19.2019

Sabetha Middle School Wrestling Tuesday, November 19, 2019

SMS 7th Grade Girls vs. Perry Lecompton 11.14.2019

SMS 8th Grade Girls vs. Perry Lecompton 11.14.2019

SHS State Cross Country 11.2.2019

SHS Football vs. Hayden 11.1.2019

SHS State Cross Country 10.27.2018

SHS District Football vs. Jeff West 10.27.2018

SHS Volleyball Sub-State 10.20.18

SHS Volleyball Sub-State vs. Clay Center, at Marysville Saturday, October 20, 2018

SHS Cross Country Regionals 10.20.18

SHS Cross Country Regionals Saturday, October 20, 2018 Sabetha Golf and Country Club

SHS Volleyball 10.16.18

SHS Volleyball vs. Hiawatha Tuesday, October 16, 2018

SHS Football 10.12.18

SHS Football vs. Wamego Friday, October 12, 2018

SMS Cheer Clinic 10.5.18

Sabetha Middle School Cheer Clinic performance with SHS Cheerleaders Friday, October 5, 2018

SHS 3A Tennis Regionals 10.5.2018

SHS Cross Country & Fun Run 10.4.18

SHS Cross Country & Fun Run Thursday, October 4, 2018


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