‘Stay at Home’ order concerns

I have had many people contact me with concerns over the “Stay at Home” order that came from our Governor last week, and I hope I can bring some clarity…

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They’re all guessing

When I first started studying the stock market and what makes it tick, I was always captivated by people who confidently predicted what would happen next. “The Dow will bottom…

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No evidence that livestock can transmit COVID-19 to humans

The director of a Kansas State University veterinary laboratory that responds to animal health issues across the state says that while coronavirus is a disease familiar to livestock producers, it…

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Herbicide evaluations

The University of Tennessee recently published results of a 2019 herbicide evaluation of palmer amaranth population susceptibilities to dicamba. One set of populations was from seed collected years ago and…

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What is social distancing? (Part 2)

How does social distancing help during a pandemic? A 2010 study published in BioMed Central (BMCC) Public Health assessed whether social distancing is affective in slowing or reducing the transmission…

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Move naturally, move more

Do you know someone who never seems to sit still? They are constantly on the move and when they do sit, they might fidget, shake or bounce. Well, this is…

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Strange times…

I keep thinking I am going to wake up and everything is going to go back to normal. I keep thinking, this is not happening. The President did not close…

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Cut down, destroy dead pines

Got dead pine trees? If you are in the eastern half of Kansas, they probably died of pine wilt – a disease that is widespread in that part of the…

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