2020: Election year meets the funk

We can all agree that 2020 has been quite the year. I think for the rest of my life, whenever I look back on the year 2020, I will always…

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Leave it be

When you were on your tractor last summer mowing the roadside, you may have noticed a bobwhite quail run across the road, and you might have been excited to see…

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Pruning trees and shrubs in the fall

Though light pruning and removal of dead wood are fine this time of year, more severe pruning should be left until spring. Consider pruning to be “light” if 10 percent…

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How to dispose of medications properly

A recent report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that 44 percent of men and 57 percent of women older than 65 years take five or…

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Cull cows, market cows

“A Rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” Shakespeare had the right idea; a name is just a name. The current thought is we should call cull cows…

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Managing forages in the early fall

Feed costs make up a big part of the cow-calf budget, making them a focal point of most producers. Forage management now could help keep at least some of those…

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September is Food Safety Education Month

September is widely known as Food Safety Education Month. Knowing a little something about protecting yourself from foodborne illness is essential all the time. We eat food every day, so…

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Familiar scam circulating area

I would like to inform residents of a familiar scam that is circulating our area-only this time, there is a modification to it. Residents have been contacted by phone and…

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