Letter to the Editor: Find your silver lining

My grandma, Patricia Reid, was born on August 24, 1925 in Sabetha, Kansas. She was born six years after the Spanish Influenza, four years before the Great Depression and nine…

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Letter to the Editor: Emergency manager appreciates county citizens

Dear Editor, As Nemaha County Emergency Manager, I appreciate the members of our community and all of the local businesses for having faith in the Leaders in our communities and…

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Letter: Reader will ‘pay it forward’

Dear Editor, I had lunch at the Sabetha Pizza Hut on Monday, March 16. The waitress came back and picked up my bill and told me a gentleman had paid…

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Letter: Reader appreciates Kids Kloset

Dear Editor, I am so appreciative to Trish Lukert and Kim Rettlee for all they do to keep the Kids Kloset going. These ladies spend hour upon hour organizing and…

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Letter: Wind turbines on the horizon?

Dear Editor, Nearly 650 wind turbines in a 30-mile radius, plus the largest transmission line in the state with towers reaching 150-200’ tall – taller than our water towers… That…

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Letter: Jesus knocks at the door of our hearts

Dear Editor, Last weekend (Feb. 21, 22 and 23) a group of religious brothers and sisters called Little Brothers and Little Sisters of the Lamb from Kansas City, Kan., were…

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Letter to the Editor: Step into a better tomorrow

Dear Editor, It seems that the majority of union members and minorities are Democrats. Why? Could it be that the Democrats artificially raise minimum wages which increases the union’s base…

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Letter to the Editor: A Nation of Immigrants

Dear Editor, The United States is a nation of immigrants. Except for Native Americans, everyone is an immigrant or a descendant of one. This diversity has made our country great….

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Letter to the Editor: Corning council seeks to protect city

Dear Editor, I am very proud of our Corning City Council and their brave efforts to protect our City. Contrary to what NextEra would like you to believe, the Council…

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Letter: Don’t be misled

Don’t be misled Dear Editor, Don’t be misled or fooled by thinking that the electric lines are insulated. Many in the country are not insulated, and they will catch overgrown…

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Letter: Scam alert

Dear Editor, My mother-in-law calls and tells me she fended off a scam caller from Publishers Clearing House, who, after congratulations of winning A, B and C, wanted her bank…

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Letter to the Editor: Are you willing to live with the alternative?

Dear Editor, I believe it is time to take a step back and objectively consider the situation facing our towns and county. NextEra and Invenergy’s Special Attorney, Alan Claus Anderson,…

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