Letter to the Editor: Suffer for the sake of others

Dear Editor, She sits in an old, gray recliner- alone, drifting in and out of sleep. Alone, in a very small room with white industrial tile floor, staring out a…

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Letter to the Editor: The Constitution

Dear Editor, There are significant differences between the law of the land (the Constitution) and those government officials who vow to uphold it when they take office. Whereas the Constitution…

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Letter: Don’t reward the democrats for bad behavior

Dear Editor, The Democrat elites seem to be OK with the riots and destruction, as long as it makes President Trump look bad. The Democrat elites seem to be OK…

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Letter to the Editor: Local resident appreciates hospital staff

Dear Editor, After several days in the Sabetha Hospital, I received a survey from them. These are not public, so I wish to make my comments known. After experience with…

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Letter to the Editor: Help keep our schools open

Dear Editor, As Athletic Director, Coach and PE teacher at SHS 20 years I enjoyed teaching and encouraging young people to people discipline, work ethics, sportsmanship, integrity, teamwork and share…

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Letter to the Editor: Wear a mask to keep cases low

Dear Editor, I am an Audio Reader. As such, I read the Wednesday Sabetha Herald to the blind. When reading the opinion columns, I frequently encounter ideas that I don’t…

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Letter to the Editor: Truth and Love

Dear Editor, The last two weekends have been beautiful! And I am thankful for the opportunity to watch my children play soccer. Hundreds of kids being active and doing what…

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Letter to the Editor: Breathe, wash your hands and respect everyone’s personal space

I was invited to a baptism in our community recently. I didn’t realize how uplifting the event was going to be for me. It is funny how the Lord does…

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Letter to the Editor: What happens when fossil fuels run out?

Dear Editor, When fossil fuels run out, what happens to our electricity then? As a farmer and landowner, I am very concerned about the availability of Kansas’ energy sources for…

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Letter to the Editor: Be careful what you wish for

Dear Editor, I recently saw a photo of a violent protest in one of America’s large cities showing a young woman holding a sign reading, “I want a Fair Society…

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Letter to the Editor: Science supports masks

Dear Editor, I graduated from Sabetha High School in 1952. I loved going to school in Sabetha and am grateful that the education was of high quality and prepared me…

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Letter to the Editor: Subscriber appreciates staff’s help

Dear Editor, I appreciate Heather Stewart and Tim Kellenberger for taking the time recently to help us resolve an issue with our subscription to The Sabetha Herald. We appreciate your…

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