Morrill City Council 9.17.18

Submitted by Linda Hill, City Clerk

The Morrill City Council met in regular session on Monday, Sept. 17, with members Dan Halstead, Todd Gruber and Robert Baumgartner present, and Mayor Roger Price presiding.

Minutes and vouchers were approved. Mentioned was the old trailer house.

It was decided Superintendent Lee Wymer can get more cold patch to fill in the sink hole that he has repaired.

The clerk stated the findings of municipal court that had been held that day.

Supt. Wymer stated the boards on the sliding door on the old fire barn are rotted. It was decided he should make the repairs as needed.

It was decided to talk to an individual about his car trailer blocking the view of an intersection the next time he pays his utility bill.

Commissioners accepted the resignation of Greg Duryea.

It was decided to shut off six services if payments are not made.

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