Stuco’s trip to Manhattan a success

Submitted By Lauryn Scott WHS Student Correspondence

On Sept. 17, Wetmore’s Student Council members took a trip to Manhattan for a leadership conference.

“The conference is an annual event that we always look forward to attending. It is our club’s way of kicking-off the year as it allows us to bond as a club. We always return with great ideas that we are able to implement into our school during that year,” said Connie Hutfles, Student Council sponsor.

Upon arrival, the Student Council members were greeted by Manhattan High School’s Student Council who ushered them into the gym. Students were then given time to meet students from different schools to share ideas.

“My favorite part of the symposium was getting to meet with people from all around as it allowed us to gain new ideas to improve the way that we lead our school and community,” said Joel Hutfles, Student Council President.

They symposium began with a small speech from Manhattan’s Show Choir.

“I really enjoyed their presentation. It reminded me of when I was in elementary school; we would always go over and watch the high schoolers perform routines,” said Austin Smith, Student Council sophomore representative.

After the presentation, KSHSAA Student Council Representative Rod Garman took the stage. He spoke to students about how important leadership is, not only in schools, but also in communities.

“Learning new tips on how to get students involved in extra-curricular activities as well as how to spread positive messages was an amazing opportunity,” said Curtis Bloom, Student Council vice president.

The main speaker of the event, Michael Cuestas, was then introduced. Cuestas shared a lesson over how our obstacles should not define who we are.

“After attending the Student Council Conference, I gained the knowledge that I am strong enough to overcome anything that may stand in my way,” said Alyssa Bloom, Student Council secretary.

Cuestas also informed students that they become the three people to whom they are closest.

The Student Council club was thankful for their trip to Manhattan. They feel that the knowledge gained will positively influence their ability to lead their school and community.

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