Greater Sabetha Community Foundation 10.9.18

New board members for the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation are (L-R) Kelly Girton, Chris Tramp, Daniel Tramp, Jessica Lay, Julie Grimm and Matt Tedman. Other board members include Bill Simpson, Amy Mitchell, Martin Mishler, Doug Clark, Von Lauer, Steve Lukert, Marvin Kohlmeier and Director Leslie Scoby. Outgoing members are Lafe Bailey, Loren Edelman, Lisa Kuenzi, Sherry Scoby and Jim Whittaker.

Submitted by Leslie Scoby

The October meeting of the Board of Directors of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation was held Tuesday, Oct. 9, at Buzz Café. President Bill Simpson called the meeting to order. Minutes and financials were reviewed and approved.

Present were the six new board members Kelly Girton, Julie Grimm, Jessica Lay, Matt Tedman, Chris Tramp and Daniel Tramp. Von Lauer moved to approve these new members to the GSCF Board of Directors.

He also recognized Lafe Bailey, Loren Edelman, Lisa Kuenzi, Sherry Scoby and Jim Whittaker as Founders. The group called Founders will be forever recognized for their part in the creation and success of GSCF. Lauer, Steve Lukert and Harold Schmelzle served on the nominating committee. The Founders and the new board members will be recognized and presented at the Community Celebration on Jan. 12, 2019.

Amber Deters shared about the PTO Classroom Enhancement Program Fund. This organization holds fundraisers each year to provide funds to give money to our local teachers for classroom enhancement. Through cake raffles and taco feeds, they have raised more than $2,100. The GSCF Give to Grow Day brought in $1,822.50 from donations and matching funds. They have supported many classroom teachers by helping them buy needed classroom items that are not afforded in the school budget. Deters shared PTO’s excitement with this new program and she asked for continued support from donations at this year’s Give to Grow Day to help them give back even more for our school children.   

Vern Henricks was present to share information about the importance of our community foundation to continue to work within the framework of other community organizations. Success is breeding trust in what we do and he complimented the town of Sabetha, which he categorized as “just very special.”

Henricks commended our leadership in opening each meeting with prayer and how this act demonstrates what he believes about Sabetha and its citizens.

Other business involved announcements and plans for the Give to Grow Day to be held on Nov. 23 at 905 Main Street. The walk-in hours will change to noon to 8 p.m. The amount of $64,200 has been donated as matching dollars to all endowed funds and to the Sabetha Health and Wellness facility to finish the walking track and gymnasium floor.

Leslie Scoby will attend the National Conference of Community Foundations in Wichita on Oct. 15-16.

The next meeting is planned for Nov. 13, and there will be Board Training led by Henricks.

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