Letter: DCF should reconsider decision

Dear Editor,

For three years a family in your community fostered a child and endured the turmoil that comes with the process of adoption. The State approved this family to adopt the child, and in a matter of weeks they rescinded their decision with no explanation as to what caused such an abrupt change of heart.

If you go to the Kansas Department for Children and Families website, you’ll see the words “Protect Children, Promote Healthy Families, Encourage Personal Responsibility.” In what world does protection entail removing a child from a stable, two-parent home? How does taking away an entire community of supportive family and friends who he has spent over half of his life with promote healthy families? Where does the Department earn the right to encourage personal responsibility when the Department itself is unwilling to take responsibility for the unnecessary suffering and hardship it has inflicted on a helpless child?

Because of the Department’s unjust decision, the child is now undergoing emotional trauma and the heartbreak that comes with saying goodbye to loved ones. His emotional health is now compromised and the stability he had is shattered. If removing a child from a stable, nurturing environment is what they call protection, how safe are your children should something happen to you? If this decision is a promotion of healthy families, what other questionable decisions will the Department determine is healthy for the children in your community? If causing turmoil in a child’s life without providing a just reason for their actions is an example of responsibility, what other unconscionable acts has this system denied responsibility for?

We urge this child’s local and state representatives and the community that surrounds him to demand the Department for Children and Families review this case and explain with a free conscience how they could so suddenly determine this injustice is the best option for this child.

Bryan and Karly Heidemann, Steinauer, Neb.
Tony and Yvonne McAferty, Pawnee City, Neb.
Robb and Mandy Deters, Seneca, Kan.

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