Letter: Political divisiveness is happening locally

Dear Editor,

I was very troubled by the tone of recent editorials in the local papers that focus on blaming “the Left” for a list of flagrant behaviors. The author is set on demonizing this force as misguided and evil. It is so much easier to convince people to be against a group if you can de-humanize them and stick a catchy label on them. But who and what is he talking about? The group that he is referring to consists of your neighbors, friends, family, co-workers, and maybe your spouse!

What makes this group unique is that they, as a whole, have different opinions about government, society, and the rights of all people. These folks are nurses, teachers, retirees, professional athletes, celebrities, and all other walks of life.

These tactics that have showed up this election cycle are nothing new. The same concept has been used by a host of tyrants, dictators, and autocrats so deflect the populace from realizing the flawed ideologies of their leader.

The hatefulness and divisiveness that has consumed Washington has seeped into our hometown politics. About a week ago, nearly all of the Democratic yard signs in Seneca were stolen from homeowners’ yards. Although this was likely a prank, the focus on one party was clearly partisan and a very troubling sign of the divisiveness that has seeped into our culture.

I encourage all eligible voters to get out and vote this Nov. 6. Our country is depending on you! And think about the kind of country and culture that you want for our children and grandchildren! They will inherit what we leave behind.

Don Honig

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