Perfection, hesitation and confidence

A little girl is sketching when a teacher asks what she’s drawing.

“God,” she says, nonchalantly.

“But Alice,” her teacher replies, “nobody knows what God looks like.”

Alice looks at her and replies, “They will in a minute.”

Sometimes, waiting for perfection is not prudent. Sometimes, hesitating is not wise. Over confidence might produce less than perfect results. So, what does one do? Plow ahead with only good intentions in mind? Take the idea to a think tank for the idea to be thought out thoroughly and completely? Move ahead with confidence that doing something is better than doing nothing?

Eight months ago when our world changed to protect us and others from a virus that we knew little about, GSCF made a confident and quick decision to do something to help our community. Sabetha City with Heart Assistance/Recovery Program was developed and developed quickly. And just as quickly, generous people in our community responded with monetary donations to help families and businesses survive.

I am thankful we didn’t wait to make sure the program was perfect. It was modified along the way to extend help to businesses and to encourage local shopping. Once again, the SCWH program is offering a program called Shop Home for the Holidays. Seventy names will be drawn to win $100 in Chamber Checks, so make your list and shop local!

Five years ago, the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation was just getting started and we plowed ahead to hold a giving day. Twenty-one nonprofits joined us to vie for $25,000 in matching funds. It was widely successful and proved to be a good decision.

Give to Grow is soon to be underway for the fifth year. Four years of giving has produced $494,000 for our area nonprofits in a 24-hour giving day. This year, changes are being made to extend the day to one week. It will begin on Window Opening at the Creative Farmhouse and end on Dec. 2 at the Creative Farmhouse to allow the community to help us celebrate the last day of giving in grand finale style. Forty-four nonprofits and projects need your donations.

To top off the challenge week, some very supportive donors have pledged $80,000 as bonus funds. The more a fund receives in the week-long giving, the more bonus they receive. So, look over the donation sheet and make your giving decisions to be a part of making Sabetha the best community in which to live, work and raise your family. I challenge you to not hesitate – stretch yourselves to give generously and be confident that you are making a difference.

Alice Hocker, author of “Finding Inner Peace, the Key to True Happiness,” said, “Your greatness is not what you have, it’s what you give.”

I want to extend my gratitude to LaVon and Erma Wenger, Kent and Donna Saylor, Paul and Betsy Tedman, Morrill and Janes Bank, Wenger Manufacturing and an anonymous donor for making possible a record $80,000 available as bonus challenge funds for Give to Grow 2020.

Leslie Scoby7 Posts

Leslie Scoby is the Vice President of the Greater Sabetha Community Foundation Executive Board.


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