Editorial: Our stance!

Since the March 11, 2020, issue of The Sabetha Herald, we have printed – on a weekly basis – up-to-date information regarding the COVID-19 virus. This information has included statistics from Nemaha and Brown Counties, the State of Kansas and the entire United States.

The Sabetha Herald believes those statistics are valid and very accurate, all while giving a descriptive portrayal of how the virus has impacted our local communities, as well as nationally.

We will continue to bring these detailed updates to our readership in the hopes that more of our community members will see the need to wear a mask, in order to aid in the prevention of the spreading of this virus.

We have received considerable feedback from our coverage and the stance we have taken on this issue, and not all of it has been favorable. We have been chastised and scolded for continually running these weekly updates. We have been told that we need to be more positive and to quit magnifying this negative situation, as well as adding to the fear it has created.

Last week, we printed a letter from one of our readers, who expressed their opinion regarding COVID-19 and mask mandates. The statistics this reader presented were grossly inaccurate and misleading. The Herald does not support this viewpoint. However, this reader is entitled to their own opinion. We support that notion.

With that being said, we – as a staff – regret not responding to the letter immediately and publicly.

In regards to the number of deaths reported locally, we believe these numbers are accurate. To believe anything otherwise would be an attack on our local healthcare officials and medical professionals, who are in fact our local coroners. We have defended this in our personal conversations, as well as within our publication, by reporting these deaths.

Like so many of you in our community, The Herald staff has suffered personal loss due to COVID-19. It has been painful and will leave scars. We can relate closely to those who are struggling during these times, and that is why we have taken the stance we have taken on the mask mandate. Masks work!

With that being said, this publication encourages all of our readership to don a mask to protect everyone around you. This may very well be the greatest gift you can give during this Christmas season.

Tim Kellenberger

Heather Stewart

Erin Herrmann


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