Brown County Commission 2.22.2021

Submitted by Dawn Boyles, County Clerk

The Board of Brown County Commissioners met in regular session on Monday, Feb. 22, with the following members present: Chairman Richard L. Lehmkuhl, Lamar Shoemaker and William Pollock. Also present was Brown County Clerk Dawn M. Boyles. County Attorney Kevin Hill was present for a portion of the meeting. Lehmkuhl opened the meeting at 8:10 a.m. The Pledge of Allegiance was recited by all. Pastor Shane Spangler led the meeting with a prayer.

Emergency Management Director Don Pounds, Brown County Health Officer Robin Downard and NEK Multi County Health Director Kristina Romine updated the commissioners on the COVID-19 pandemic within the county. Downard reported that there are currently 1,104 total cases, 14 active cases, one hospitalization and 32 deaths. Downard also reported they have done over 700 vaccinations so far and are getting from 100 to 200 vaccines a week. They are currently administering doses strictly doing 65 years and older by date of birth. Pounds discussed free test kits being offered to labs from the federal government. Pounds thinks this will lessen the need for the testing at the Horton clinic as well as the hospitals. Romine stated there is a dedicated email to address concerns due to COVID-19. The email is [email protected].org.

Department Reports

Director of Noxious Weed George Bruning presented a quote for $16,300 from WKG Sales to do the repairs to the shag truck. Bruning also discussed other options for purchase. The commissioners would like a time frame on the repairs quote. Bruning contacted Walker and the time frame would be three weeks. The board approved the quote for $16,300 from WKG Sales to do the repairs to the shag truck.

Bruning discussed the vacation time that he needed to take before the end of March. Bruning will be gone most of the month of March.

IT Director Sandy Carter presented a wage structure and the applications for the additional IT position for the commission’s review. The board adopted the wage structure for the IT Department.

Carter presented the quote from Civic Plus for $5,500 for the first year and $5,250 for a two annual recurring service to allow streaming to the county website for the commission meetings. The commissioners approved the purchase of the service from Civic Plus for $5,500 for the first year and $5,250 for a two annual recurring service to allow streaming to the county website for the commission meetings.

The commission discussed training with Melissa Gormley, interim secretary, and Tami Lehmkuhl, new Road and Bridge secretary.

Rodney Allen, District 3 foreman, discussed chip and sealing for cities and the schools.

Emergency Management Director Pounds and Program Delivery Manager for Kansas Department of Emergency Management Lynn Holt discussed the damage done to a bridge located at Kingfisher and K20 from the 2019 floods. Pounds will be the point of contact for this project. Holt will contact Pounds following the meeting.

The board approved the motion to correct the wage scale for Assistant Road and Bridge Foreman to $18 per hour.

Also at the meeting:

The board approved the Feb. 16 minutes with the following correction:

The board went into a 15-minute executive session on non-elected personnel, with the three commissioners, Attorney Hill, Vicki Hubin and Chris Denner present, to discuss personnel matters of non-elected personnel with executive session necessary to protect privacy interests. No binding action was taken.

Oil Bids for an estimated 500,000 gallons of RS-1H for road oiling were opened. Bids were as follows: Vance Brothers, Inc. with a bid of 1.93 for RS-1H, $2.18 for RS-1HP and $2.03 for RS-1H Plus per gallon; Ergon with a bid of $2.30 for RS-1H, and $2.40 for RS-1HP per gallon; and Coastal Refining & Marketing with a bid of $2.14 for RS-1H and $2.34 for RS-1HP per gallon. Road Foremen Terry Siebenmorgen, Jerry Hisle and Rodney Allen were present for the bid opening. The board accepted the Vance Brothers, Inc. bid.

The board approved the motion to allow Hiawatha High School use of courthouse square with bathrooms and electricity for their musical on May 7 and 8, and use of courthouse square for practices May 3 through 6.

The commissioners approved Emergency Vehicle Permits for Ryan Lanter and Nicholas Hilderbrand.

The board approved the Sac and Fox occupational license.

The commissioners acknowledged the letter received from David Brant, Brown County landowner, in regards to the proposed poultry facility.

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