Midtown Building Demolition and History Timeline

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1923-1969: Sabetha High School. Midtown building was opened as Sabetha High School at 1st and Main.

Mid 1950s: The gym was turned from east to west to north to south. Bleachers were added The second tier balcony was added at this time.

1969-1978: Sabetha Junior High. Students in grades 10-12 moved into the new high school building on the south edge of town.

1978-1992: Sabetha Middle School. Students in grades 7-9 took over the Main Street school building, which was then called Sabetha Junior High School. The middle school concept for grades 6-8 was implemented later.

Oct. 30, 1992: City takes over building. USD No. 441 gave the building deed to the City of Sabetha for a $1 fee.

1992-2016: The Sabetha Police Department and City Hall, after tornado June 1998 they were in there until 2002. Project Prom storage was in there until last. Gym and fitness center during this time frame. Votech school in there Highland Community College. Activity storage and record keeping storage. City League indoor sports, like basketball and volleyball. Youth basketball tournaments.

March 2016: The Sabetha City Commission agreed to deed the Midtown Building and surrounding land to the Sabetha Health and Wellness Center for the purpose of constructing the then proposed 25,555 square foot private fitness facility.

September 2017: After several months of meetings between Sabetha Community Hospital, a city government representative and Sabetha Health and Wellness Center, it was announced that plans had changed for the Center. The Center would now be a public facility managed, operated and maintained by Sabetha Community Hospital and the location had changed to city-owned property at 14th and Oregon streets. This news allowed the Midtown Building to remain intact — for now.

Oct. 28. 2019: Sabetha City Commissioners voted unanimously to tear the building down, since it was not being utilized and was costing the City of Sabetha money to keep it up and running.

Nov. 25, 2019: Sabetha City Commissioners revisited their previous unanimous decision and received comments from the public on Midtown’s fate

Dec. 9, 2019: Sabetha City Commissioners agreed to have a public hearing on the Midtown Building after hearing from multiple Sabetha residents regarding the decision to tear the building down.

Jan. 13, 2020: Sabetha City Commissioners voted 3-2 to re-open the Midtown gym until two bids for demolition have been received by the city. Commissioner Nick Aberle made a motion to rescind the board’s previous decision for tearing the building down.

Feb. 24, 2020: Sabetha City Commissioners voted 3-2 again to tear down the Midtown Building, and not rescind the board’s previous decision. Aberle and Commissioner Julie Burenheide opposed. The board then voted 3-2 to accept the $150,000 bid from Herrmann Earth Moving to tear the building down.

Visit The Sabetha Herald Archives at http://marycotton.advantage-preservation.com/search?pt=29179&bcn=1 to find more information on the history of the Midtown building.

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