4-H Club: Woodlawn Meadowlarks


Members of Woodlawn 4-H Club perform at the Memorial Day service.


Members of the Woodlawn Meadowlarks 4-H Club prepare May Day baskets.

Submitted by Ella Sourk

Club Reporter

The Woodlawn Meadowlarks moved their May meeting to May 1, to celebrate the return of spring and to prepare May baskets for the members to deliver after the meeting. The meeting was called to order at 2 p.m. by President Susannah Walker at the Sabetha park.

John Sunnenberg led the club in the Pledge of Allegiance and 4-H Pledge. Roll call of “what is your favorite animal?” was answered by 18 members and one leader.

Secretary Emily Fehr read the April minutes and they were approved as read. Parliamentarian Maddy DeVore explained the majority vote, meaning “more than half,” as it relates to a vote.

Colby Stoller gave the 4-H Council Report, informing members of upcoming events and deadline dates for the fair. After several months of suspense, the members learned the identity of their secret sidekick. The 4-H club was reminded that they were holding a bake sale during the Kansas Road Trip at the Woodlawn Church and that they needed to have their baked goods fresh and delivered on time.

Sunnenberg gave a project talk on his rabbits. Ella Sourk gave a project talk on how accessorize an outfit to create different looks. The communications project shared with members on how to organize and write about the project experience through project stories.

The meeting was adjourned and members crafted butterfly flower picks to hold cards in their May baskets. Refreshments were provided by the Metzger and Sourk families.

On Monday, May 31, Memorial Day, the club sang for the Woodlawn Cemetery’s service. It was moved indoors due to the weather.


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