Alumni Banquet: Sabetha High School

Submitted by Wendy Menold

The 125th Annual Alumni Association Banquet was held on Saturday, May 29, in the commons area of the Sabetha High School. The meal was prepared by Buzz Café and meal service was provided by Boy Scouts Logan and Trevin LaVoie, who were assisted by Sabetha Middle School students Lincoln Menold, Josiah Richardson and Isaac Schmid.

The Banquet started off with the Pledge of Allegiance, prayer and music by SHS Band members Rachel Wertenberger, Abbey Gugelman, Megan Brockhoff, EllaWynn Laipple, Cameron Younie, L. LaVoie and T. LaVoie. Alumni clapped along to the Fight Song and Go Big Blue!

Address of welcome was given by Andy Bestwick, class of 1998; and the response and introduction of the class of 2021 by his son, Charlie Bestwick.

Scholarship recipients were invited up to share about their future endeavors. C. Bestwick is the recipient of the 2021 Rhoda Robinsons Scholarship; he plans to attend Cloud County Community College and study Agricultural Education. Chad Russell and Haylee Kramer are the recipients of the 2021 Alumni Scholarships. Russell plans to attend Washburn Tech to study Information Systems Technology and Kramer plans to attend Washburn University.

2020 Alumni Scholarship recipient Olivia Warren also was present. Warren is currently at Peru State College majoring in Criminal Justice. Other 2020 scholarship recipients that were unable to attend were Amelia Martin, attending Wichita State University, and Marissa Cox, attending Washburn University.

The annual business meeting was conducted. Wendy Clark Menold gave the secretary report, and Darin Georg gave the treasurer report. President Jay Kellenberger led the Veteran’s recognition and gave the condolence report. Those having passed are: Barbara Metzger Edelman (class of 1955), Victor Graybill (attended), Donald Strahm (1970), Roma Dove (1946), Joanne Campbell Hoffman (1972), Mildred “Millie” Walker (1940), Edwin Montgomery (1942), Brian Schweitzer (1984), Ival Haflich (1946), Gordon Snyder (1961), Doris Shump Hartman (1949), Arthur Bell (1951), Gerald Schmid (1944), Mark Clelland (1984), Wilfred “Bill” Banks (1946), Arthur Scoby (1945), Ann Zubler Dietrich (attended/bus driver), Reuben Spellmeier (1967), Lois Brunner Keck (1945), Keith Moore (1976), Douglas Duey (1965), Lonnie Gutnecht (1978), Elsie Elliott Bullock (1959), Jon “Patrick” Montgomery (1966), Frances Deaver Sauer (1944), Gary Edelman (1966), Mary Meyer Montgomery (1944), Linda Hartter McGuire (1970), Donald Johns (1952), Roberta Hundley Argabright (1948), Alma Steiner George (1954), Delores Bockerstette Goens (1964), Vaughn Thompson (1951), Floyd “Dennis” Garrett (1977), Jonathan Dawson (2009), Ricky Wisdom (1970), Nadine Haxton Allen (1942), Nancy Arnold Painter (1970), Donna Phillippi Leman (1946), Ethel Phillips Gilbert (1955), Patricia Ross Reid (1943), Martha Mincher Halstead (attended), John Dopp Jr. (1973), Merlin Wenger (1950), Pamela Ukele (1967), Jeanne Shaw Shear (1958), John Humphrey (1953), Mavis Eichenberger Glenn (1951), Michael Lanning (1960), Michael Aberle (1979), Richard Rokey (1956), Donald Wenger (1948), Dickie Thompson (1957), Wayne Strahm (1958), Rosalie Aberle Lohman (1951), Elba Robinson Snyder (1952), Glenn Aeschliman (1946), Robert Tanking (1959), Ronald K. Brooks (1960), Robert Lohman (1947), Donald Montgomery (1948), Michael Primeaux (attended), William Roggenkamp Jr. (1984), Judith Newlin Hanna (1957), Virginia Heiniger Bauman (1946), Gerald “Gary” Aberle (1953), Marvin McFall (attended), Stephen Aberle (1963), MaryLou Wenger Kellenberger (1956), Mary “Kay” Sawyer Cook (1964), Luella Hartter Sauder (1946), Eldon Ford (attended), Lynn Kellenberger (1954), Ellen Lawson Duvall (1961), Susan Bestwick (1966), Gary Miller (1961), David Spring (1969), Barbara Brothers Franzen (1949), Carroll “Monty” Montgomery (1940), Debbie Snyder Bott (1972), Bethie Stoller (1976) and Joelline Wikle Stoller (1951).

Class introductions were made. Class of 1991 by Marla Clark Hayden, Class of 1981 by Lori Hartter Hoppe, Class of 1976 by Sue Hartter Brockhoff, Class of 1970 by Gary Scoby, Class of 1971 by Mark Edelman, Class of 1966 by Steve Lukert, Class of 1960 by Janice Aberle Wysong, Class of 1956 by Fred Showalter, Class of 1955 by Patricia Myers Kirwan, Class of 1951 by Lyle Lancaster, Class of 1950 by Phil Moser and Class of 1949 by Wilma Ackerman. To close the evening, the school song was sung followed with benediction by Randy Garber.

Sabetha guests were: Elaine Mowder (class of 1974), Lori Hartter Hoppe (1981), Mark Carpenter (1970), Olivia Warren (2020) and mother Tonya, Denise Bindel Plattner (1978), Gary Plattner (1981), John Mowder (1971), Randy Garber (1969), Wilma Ackerman (1949), Alan Hartter (1966) and wife Sally, Winifred Ruse Haflich (1951), Marla Clark Hayden (1991), Virginia Spellmeier Russel (1992), Abby Russel (2021), Chad Russel (2021), Phil Moser (1950), Sheri Kemp (1959), Bobbie Messinger (1971), Lisa Rokey Lyons (1971), Rixey Wertenberger (1969), Brenda Wertenberger (1971), Steve Lukert (1966) and wife Linda, Tim Wenger (1976), Andy Bestwick (1998) and wife Keri, Charlie Bestwick (2021), Dennis Stones (1971), Marilyn Althouse Stones (1971), Ben Wysong (1958), Janice Wysong (1960), Angie McClain Lourance (1991), Don Rokey (1971) and wife Sherri, John Murchison (1971), Danny Kellenberger (1956), Mildred McFall Brownlee (1951), Selena Bailey Brownlee (1981), Steve Brownlee (1978), Jay Kellenberger (1968), Marilyn Kellenberger (1968), Wendy Clark Menold (1995), Shannon Stapleton (1993), Darin Georg (1999), Hannah Wertenberger (2020), Doug Wertenberger (1987) with wife Anne and son Kirt, Pat Myers Kirwan (1955), Gloria Grimm Stoller (1971), Darrel Stoller (1968), Tom Evans (1970), Sue Hartter Brockhoff (1976), Mike Althouse (1971), Yvonne Grimm Althouse (1971), Connie Bestwick Robinson (1966), Odetta Thomason Koch (1981), Gary Scoby (1970), and Rachel Edwards (2017).

Sabetha area guests: Douglas Metzger (1956) of Oneida, Betty Locher Metzger (1956) of Oneida, Haylee Kramer (2021) of Morrill, Linda Wenger Bailey (1960) of Morrill and Dale Gutknecht (1970) of Bern.

Other Kansas guests: Janet Meyer (1971) of Wichita, Rick Cooper (1970) of Hutchinson, Joyce Bauerle Corvin (1970) of McPherson, Maggie Priest Haag (1970) of Manhattan, Ann Montgomery Kirby (1970) of Leavenworth, John Howerton (1971) of Viola with wife Debbie, Beverly Huddleston Chambers (1976) of Topeka with husband Steve, Brenda Huber Adkins (1991) of Holton, Sara Robinson Steiner (1956) of Burlington, Dave Robinson (1956) of Chanute with wife Alice, Jim Williams (1971) of Leawood with wife Lois, Ted Remmers (1971) of Platte City, Joan Deaver Remmers (1974) of Platte City, Tom Noble (1971) of Oklahoma City, Lyle Lancaster (1951) of Topeka, Trisha Kellenberger Gibson (1991) of Ozawkie, Bill Kruse (1966) of Olathe with his wife Cindy, Marilyn Strahm Jones (1971), of Olathe with husband Bret, Herb Streit (1971) of Holton, Velma Barringer (1956) of Topeka, Yvonne “Bonnie” Showalter Fadely (1954) of Topeka, Jeanne Wenger Gaskell (1971) of Horton and her husband Rob, and Ray Kirk (1966) of Meriden.

Guests from out of state: Brian Goens (1991) of Liberty, Mo., and wife Jennifer; Sandy Miller Bales (1971) of Tuscan, Ark., and husband Roger; Richard Ott (1956) of Missouri and wife Doris; Orlo McNary (1956) of Illinois; Mike McKim (1971) of Kansas City, Mo.; Janet Grimm Marcou (1970) of Phoenix, Ariz., and husband Steve; Susan Stone Kummer (1971) of San Diego, Calif., and husband Rick; Cheryl Ackerman Weaver (1970) of Missouri; Gene Bauman (1971) of Spearfish, S.D., and wife Mary; Mildred Bockerstette Emme (1956) of Phoenix, Ariz., and daughter Katherine Mishler; Melinda Salter Martinez (1998) of Denver, Colo.; Norman Shields (attended) of Kansas City, Mo., and wife Diane; Jay Montgomery (1971) of Tiffin, Iowa, and wife Dee; Mike Murchison (1970) of Kansas City, Mo.; Libby Meyer Leman (1971) of Grantville, Ga.; Gayle Ross Dixon (1956) of Roswell, Ga., and husband Jim; Mark Edelman (1971) of Boone, Iowa, and wife Nancy; Fred Showalter (1956) of Atlanta, Ga.; Felicia Marbut Tudor (1974) of McDowell, Mo.; Pat Alferd Warford (attended) of Fayetteville, Ark., and daughter Shelby Warford; and Michael Hill (1991) of Palm Springs, Calif.


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