Ninety-four units collected

Ninety-four united were collected by 89 donors during the Tuesday, June 8, blood drive in Sabetha.

“It [the drive] was an phenomenal success,” said Guy Niederhauser, the Community Blood Center (CBC) Account Manager for the Topeka Territory. “Since one unit of blood has the ability to save up to three lives, the Sabetha community impacted the lives of nearly 300 area patients in need with their kindness and generosity this week. It was really incredible.”

In addition, Niederhauser said CBC declared a Blood Shortage Emergency as of last week and is in desperate need of donors.

“Since the beginning of the pandemic, CBC has lost 25,000 donors who are yet to return to regular giving and currently has only a three day supply of blood to sustain our area hospitals,” Niederhauser said. “Other national blood centers are likewise in dire straits and are making similar calls for healthy individuals to find blood drive or visit a donor center and give as soon as possible if they’re able. Folks can go to to see where and when works best for them. We need all the help we can get right now.”

For the first time in over a year, the drive was able to go back to providing food for each donor after their donation. According to Lyla Edelman, the food sponsors were Community National Bank and Edelman’s Home Center. Volunteers helping at the drive were Edelman, Alice Zahner and Diane Hicks.

During the drive, there was one first-time donors and 12 double red donors.

The only first-time donor at this drive was Alan W. Yaussi.

Double red donors include Darryl Gerard Becker, Kevin H. Broxterman, Steven L. Edelman, John Hibbard Feek, Gerry M. Hertzel, Timmy W. Kellenberger, Michael A. Rokey, Eric Q. Rokey, Brian L. Rokey, Bobbie Rose, Richard W. Smith and Jeffrey D. Wenger.

Other donors include Douglas Allen, Rodney L. Allen, Corbin Anliker, Linda Ann Ashcraft, John H. Baca, Gary D. Barrett, Larry H. Bauerle, Dennis H. Baumgartner, Linda Rose Baumgartner, Travis D. Beer, Megan Brockhoff, Kellie Brockhoff, Sue Ellen Brockhoff, Brandy K. Edelman, Lyla M. Edelman, Kendrick Edelman, Duane A. Eilert, Todd J. Evans, Carole L. Feek, Douglas B. Fortmeyer, Elsie L. Grimm, Micah Grimm, Shayla Grimm, Sadie Marie Grimm, Lori K. Gruber, Merlin J. Gruber, Jarod Hartter, David D. Hartter, Beth R. Hartter, Nathan J. Hemman, David E. Herbster, Ellen S. Hertzel, Robin Hill, Scott Hill, Margaret A. Hundley, Marilyn S. Kellenberger, William M. Kent, Ann M. Kent, Cheri L. Key, Jessica Koch, Christine M. Krebs, Sadie A. Krogmann, Cale Lang, Trevin Louis Lavoie, Gary V. Lierz, Steven R. Lukert, Sandra J. Matney, Jenna McClain, Robert Mckim, Joyce M. Meyer, Susan J. Meyer, Brenda Nenadov, Alan Niehues, Gregory A. Renyer, Carol J. Renyer, Thomas J. Robinson, Todd Allen Rokey, Robert G. Ruddick, Mary M. Ryan, Anthony Lee Schmid, Leslie D. Scoby, Lisa Marie Snyder, David L. Spangler, Alice M. Sperfslage, Shannon Stapleton, Craig Strahm, Cynthia K. Strahm, Rodney L. Strahm, Lynn E. Strahm, Carrie D. Strahm, Brenda J. Wenger, Debra Denise Wenger, Joshua D. Wertenberger, Hannah Wertenberger, Terri Wiltz and Galen F. Wiltz.

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