Minister Speaks: The value of reflecting

We often reflect over the events of our lives. It seems that many conversations today are reflecting over this past year and how it impacted our lives. It is good to reflect as long as we are learning lessons, becoming better people and glorifying God with our lives. By the way, we glorify God by loving Him, loving others, reflecting the character of Jesus.  

I would like to take a moment and reflect and share a God development in my own life. It has been one year since my sister Ruth passed away. Many of you remember Miss Ruth [Oom]. She loved people, shared her life and was a great sister. She wanted six video songs played at her funeral, I played five. I don’t know why exactly that I did not do the sixth. 

This past week, through the providence of God, I heard that one song that I skipped three times in one day. The song is, “Yes, I will.”

It talks about praising God, staying faithful to Him even in the darkest valley, even with a heavy heart. It doesn’t get much “heavier” than when you are dying, leaving your loved ones and suffering up to that point. I will always reflect on Ruth’s heart and attitude throughout the end of her journey. She was determined to say “I will.”

I want to be determined to say “I will.” I will praise the Lord and trust in Him despite what my circumstances may be yelling at me. I am thankful to God for His love for me, even when I fail and also for giving me a sister like “Miss Ruth” to be an example that I can reflect on, and example by God’s grace.

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