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125 years

Thursday, July 23, 1896

A peg-leg tramp favored the town with his patronage several days the past week, and the last night of his stay one of our citizens missed a pair of shoes from the back porch. Peg-leg’s tracks led from the back gate to the porch, and the question arises, what did he want the other shoe for?

The Republican county committee which met in Seneca Tuesday, called two conventions, one August 6th to elect delegates to the state convention, and one September 3rd to nominate candidates for county offices and elect delegates to the senatorial convention. Both conventions will be composed of 152 delegates, the same as the one held in the spring.

“Jigger” Brubaker is spending a week with Sabetha friends. He has been all over the country since leaving here but calls Kansas City his home, where his mother and family lives. Charley Brubaker is married and settled down, and has a steady job in the paint shops at Fowler’s packing house. “Jigger” says he will “throw his feet out,” in a few days and make some money. He is a “dead wise guy” and wont go hungry in a land of plenty.

The grain buyers are very busy now, handling the new wheat and oats crop, and the surplus old corn. The late heavy rains practically assure a heavy corn crop and farmers are uploading  their old corn. The wheat  crop is splendid and will average above thirty bushels to the acre, yields of thirty-six to forty bushels being common. The oats crops is a practical failure, the quality of the grain being so poor that it tests away down. It was all caused by rust. There are some late fields that will yield very well.

100 Years

Thursday, July 28, 1921

Mr. and Mrs. Frank Meyer are the proud parents of a fine baby girl, born July 14th. She was baptized Sunday and given the name of Angela Catherine. Mr. John Schnetz of Mercier, Kas. and Mrs. Henry Meyer were sponsors.

A good 80 highly improved, house modern, 2 miles of town price $12,000. Will exchange for property in or near Sabetha. One of the best 160’s in Nemaha Co. to exchange for an 80. Will carry back difference. Sabetha residence properties to exchange for land. See Carl D. Wells.

Mrs. H. E. Spoonemore of Topeka is in Sabetha representing Capper’s Weekly publications. She arrived Monday.

75 Years

Wednesday, July 24, 1946

Ivan Spiker, farmer of the Woodlawn community, is laying plans to establish a motor car storage battery factory in Sabetha. Associated with him in the enterprise are Glen Linneman, Luther Clark and Jack Wright, all former servicemen of this community. Spiker seeks to interest additional servicemen in the project and will attempt to find local capital to establish a company. He is considering the Worwag building formerly owned by F. G. Minger and for a time occupied by the Sabetha Laundry as a location for the concern.

Some 53 4-H members from Nemaha County, 35 from Doniphan, will have camp at Sycamore Springs on Thursday, Friday and Saturday of this week. Handcraft, skating and swimming will predominate; there will be some educational classes.

There will be 1636 World War II veterans in Nemaha county by June 30, 1947, according to a survey released this week by the Kansas City Regional Veterans Administration office. The survey disclosed that there will be 602 veterans of all other wars in the county a year from now, bringing the county’s estimated total veteran population to 2238.

50 Years

Tuesday, July 27, 1971

On August 2, 1971, Irwin L. Figgs will assume his duties as Sabetha High School’s new principal. Mr. Figgs, who was elected to his new post by a special U.S.D. 441 Board of Education meeting Thursday, July 22, will move to Sabetha from his present address in Belleville, Kans., where he was principal of the high school there.

A new business has been opened in Axtell by Mr. and Mrs. Joe Werner under the name of “Artistic Plastics of Axtell.” A large plastic forming machine, manufactured by PlexiLite has been installed. The machine electrically heats and molds the plastic in connection with a vacuum. It is designed among other things to form signs, blister packaging and form picture plaques.

The Sabetha Cubs, coached by Larry and Andy Rokey, placed third last night in the annual baseball tournament. They won their third place trophy with a 30 to 2 win over Robinson in two innings. The Sabetha Eagles, coached by Glen Stoller, beat the Hiawatha Golds, by a score of 10-8. They also received a trophy for third place.

25 Years

Wednesday, July 24, 1996

The Sabetha City Commission got a homework assignment on Monday night from Ted Hayden, city administrator. Hayden gave each of the commissioners four profiles of engineering firms that have expressed interest in conducting the engineering survey for the city’s waste water improvements. Last week, the commission created the authority to raise $200,000 in general obligations bonds to start the improvement process.

10 Years

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Nemaha County Sheriff Rich Vernon and his department are investigating a burglary at the Bern school. The break-in occurred between 9:45 a.m. last Thursday, July 21, and 6:45 a.m. Friday, July 22, Sheriff Vernon said. According to Sheriff Vernon, a person or persons entered the school and took numerous items that belong to the school and to private residents of the area who had personal belongings at the school.

Following at least two weeks of high temperatures with most days exceeding 90 degrees, the thermometer on the United Bank and Trust facility in Sabetha registers 104 degrees at 1:44 p.m. Saturday afternoon, July 23, and rises to 109 degrees by 5:05 p.m., despite a brief rain shower Friday evening, July 22, that temporarily cooled the area. Thunderstorms Saturday night and Sunday morning brought more much-needed rain, reported to measure from one inch to more that one-and-a-half inches over the area. The thunderstorms also gave welcome, though temporary, relief from the heat dome. Another thunderstorm Sunday night brought an additional half inch or more, with some locations reporting more than an inch.

Farmer owners of the Sabetha Farmers Cooperative, with locations in Sabetha and Humboldt, Neb., approved on Monday, July 18, the cooperative’s sale to Ag Partners Cooperative based in Hiawatha.


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